Zooba - Complete Guide to the Battle With Animals

Zooba Tips and tricks | In this guide you can find tips and tricks to always win in the battle royale with animals Zooba . These tips will help you become a real war machine, wiping out all your adorable enemies.

Zooba it's a very fun and carefree battle royale, but although there are sweet animals on the battlefield it's not easy to win, you have to learn a lot of things, because since they are real-time PvP battles, you'll have to face other real players and that means you'll have to improve a bit to climb the leaderboards.

So let's not waste another second and dive straight into the tips and tricks of Zooba .

Zooba is a battle royale that features the classic mechanics of the genre we're used to with more famous and renowned titles, from Fortnite to Apex Legends. Title for mobile, may seem less complex to master due to its cartoon graphics and the presence of animals as playable characters, but it is not so.

Complete Guide - Zooba Battle Royale

Zooba - Guide to the basics

Any player who wants to improve should start with the basic rules of the game. They are not exactly rules, but more guidelines, because they are mechanics that the game follows almost always during all battles. If you know them, you will be able to use them in the best possible way to win

  • The battle is won when you remain the last player on the battlefield (basic rule for any battle royale).
  • After a while, the arena will start getting smaller and smaller, which means that players will have to fight sooner or later without being able to hide further.
  • The battle can end if one player has eliminated the rest of the contenders, even before the arena begins to shrink (though this is unlikely to happen unless you are at a very high level compared to the others).
  • Players can pick up various weapons from the ground by sitting on them for a couple of seconds (until the green counter fills up).
  • While players are in the river (basically in the water) they can't attack or perform special actions, but only move around and use medical kits.
  • Players can collect various extra items (medical kits, walls, shields, etc.), picking them up from the ground just like they would with any other weapon.
  • Abilities are not instantaneous, so players will have a very short window during which they can dodge.
  • Even if you have already picked up a weapon, if there is a better one on the ground and you sit on it, you will be able to discard yours and pick up the new one (the game will automatically discard the one you are using).

These are the basic things you have to keep in mind when going into battle. Remember that there are no friends in this game and you must always remember to be the last one standing.

Zooba - How to increase in rank

It's very simple, just play the game. As you play more (and win) you'll get more trophies! This means you'll be able to increase in rank every time you win a certain number of battles. Each time your ranking is updated, you'll receive extra rewards and be able to unlock more characters.

So all you have to do is play in battles and try to win as many as you can.

Zooba - Complete missions

Next to the daily checkouts and above the checkout slots you will have your Missions card! There you'll have access to your daily quests, which are pretty easy to Zooba complete if you like to play regularly.

Those missions can be anything, but they generally ask you to request a free crate, open a special crate and other tasks so easy. Since missions are restored every day, you need to check them daily.

Zooba - How to get coins with progress

You can find your progress rewards by tapping on your character's profile at the top left of the screen, and there you'll see that, for example, once you've collected 70 trophies, you'll get 100 coins - once you've collected 100 trophies, you'll upgrade your League and you'll be able to claim another 150 coins (also unlocking new things).

Take a look at your progress because you can unlock various crates (which are super useful), gems, tons of coins and even character skills.

Below, you can find some tricks that will allow you to play your matches at their best and win often and willingly. There are no miracle guidelines for winning, but by following some basic rules you can maximize your results.

Zooba - Tricks

  • Start collecting items as soon as you enter the game, because if an enemy comes at you, you must be able to attack them as soon as possible.
  • Use the bushes to hide and preferably try to attack enemies while you're in them, because they won't be able to see you.
  • Whenever you see a better item on the ground, pick it up because you won't regret it and it can make a big difference.
  • Try to avoid going into the water as much as possible, because it won't allow you to use attacks or moves, just normal movements and medical kits, so you'll be very vulnerable - at the same time, try to attack all the enemies you see in the water because they're slower and can't dodge.
  • Always try to get out of the firing range or bomb blast radius! You'll have a small window of time to do so, so try to avoid getting hit at all costs - don't waste your movement skills and use them for these moments.
  • If you see two enemies attacking each other or two enemies nearby, try attacking them both with a bomb - you could damage them both.

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