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Zombies, also known by the full name of Zombies Ate My Neighbors (literally translated as “the zombies have devoured my neighbors) is a video game produced by LucasArts in 1993 and published for SNES e Sega Mega Drive.

This title is a kind of homage to horror b-movies of those years. Within the game, the tributes and references to horror films of the 80s and 90s are very numerous. The game's setting is however humorous, with a decidedly fun and colorful cartoon-style graphics.
The two protagonists are a boy and a girl armed with not really deadly objects, like water guns, vacuum cleaners, fizzy drinks and fire extinguishers. Monsters are numerous and very varied: from classic zombies to werewolves, to gelatinous substances up to overgrown puppets and cyclopean babies.

Each level has its own name, also funny and referring to old horror films or creatures typical of this genre of films. A really nice game, which we provide you with Password for the various levels.


Level 5 = VHRV
Level 9 = PBGG
Level 13 = BFCB
Level 17 = BKYZ
Level 21 = VXBB
Level 25 = XYLZ
Level 29 = YLZD
Level 33 = WJQK
Level 37 = BZVG
Level 41 = BRPK
Level 45 = VLHX or BLHR

GYLM = Level 25 with 10 victims

XDSJ = allows you to play 3 Bonus Levels: “Curse of the Pharoahs”, “Mushroom Men” and “Cheerleaders vs. the Monsters ".

When the LucasArts logo appears, immediately press the L or R buttons. If you press L you will hear a person scream, if you press R you will hear a dog bark.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors


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