Zombie Nation NES cheats and codes

Zombie Nation it's a shooter genre video game developed for Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. The game is set in the year 1999.

A meteor-like alien crashes and crashes in the Nevada desert. The being recovers and begins to emit gods magnetic rays who turn the people of the United States into zombies. As if that weren't enough, these rays bring the Statue of Liberty to life, which turns into an almost invincible monster. These very powerful rays allow the extraterrestrial to control many others lethal weapons, such as the legendary samurai sword Shura. 
It is precisely the leader of the samurai, Namakubi, who warns that the sword has fallen into the hands of Darc Seed / Eva, this is the name of the alien. He leaves for the United States to eliminate the invader and restore the population to a human state, as well as to recover the precious sword. In this scrolling shooter you can move freely around the screen, attacking enemies and possibly also destroying buildings, so as to obtain bonus points.

It can be attacked basically in two ways: the first is vomiting (yes), powerful but slow, while the second is a fireball shot from the mouth. The enemies instead are the classic zombies armed with rifles, lava monsters and other fearsome beings.

Pause the game and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A.

At any time during the game, press and hold UP + A + B, then press RESET on the system to enter the sound test.

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