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Complete Guide and Tricks Zero City: Zombie Shelter | Similar to other games like Fallout Shelter or Hustle Castle, Zero City puts you in charge of managing the survivors of a zombie apocalypse... and it's extremely fun! In this guide we'll learn everything, how to properly manage your base, how to get more survivors, how to win all your battles and all the other mechanics.

This Zero City guide is full of hints and tips to get ahead in the game and have the best zombie shelter ever. You'll also find some tricks to improve your base management and get more resources on iOS and Android.

Zero City: Zombie Shelter | Best advice

Put rooms of the same type next to each other

This is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind: you should always build your shelter by joining rooms according to type.

To join a room, you need to place 2 or 3 rooms of the same type next to each other. Remember that the level of the rooms must be the same and that they will be merged automatically.

If you haven't planned your basic project to get a fusion of rooms, you can always change the layout of your shelter by tapping and holding any room until you enter the editor, or by tapping the Command Center and selecting the "Shelter Editor" option.

Assign survivors according to their statistics

Each survivor has potential (number of stars), which affects the total number of skill points that can be assigned to classes. At 2 stars, you have a maximum of 40 points, at 3 stars - 60 and so on.

The classes in which a survivor can be trained are:

  • Fighter (used only in combat, affects the health and combat statistics of survivors)
  • Researcher (mainly concerns the production of reagents in the chemical laboratory, but also increases the overall production speed)
  • Cook (affects food production in the dining room)
  • Accountant (influences the production of resources in the print shop)

Specialization is the key to Zero City: Zombie Shelter . This means that you must always train your survivors so that the structure is occupied by each main role.

The reason why you should always do this is because of the way the game is built: very rarely will you need to move a person from one position to another. The only exception here is with fighters: when you're training some survivors, it would be wise to move other survivors into the barracks to offer better defense to your shelter.

Always equip the best objects

Soon you'll have a lot of items in your inventory and too few survivors to use them all. Keep an eye on all the new tools and make sure you always provide the best items, because the differences between the items are obvious.

If you don't really want to browse through dozens of items and keep track of the bonuses offered, you can always tap a survivor in the game, then tap the class they're using (so if they're in the Dining Room, tap Cook) and select the "Best Equipment" option from the menu. You will automatically be given a list of the best items for that role.

You don't even need to accumulate a lot of items, especially low-level items. In the end you'll always have items to demolish. Do it, because in the end you'll use the materials you get to create better items. This also makes it much easier to keep track of all the items you have.

Increase the number of survivors

Sending a male and female survivor to the Living Room will result in the pregnancy of the woman (but not always). She will have a child who will later become an adult, who will become a permanent resident of the shelter.

The quality (number of stars) of the new member of the shelter is influenced by the quality of the parents: therefore two 2-star parents will probably never give birth to a 3-star child. The higher the number of stars the parents have, the more likely it is that a survivor with the same score will be born.

Remember that pregnant women can still work (even if they cannot be assigned to combat).

Zero City | Fighting Guide

How to properly defend the shelter

You do not have much control when it comes to defending your base, so only a few common sense rules apply.

  • First of all, make sure you have the best fighters in the barracks when you leave the game. If some are training, send other fighters to the barracks, otherwise only those in that room will fight to defend your shelter.
  • Second, use the appropriate weapons from the Arsenal. Constantly upgrade your weapons and stick to one type of unit because upgrades are very expensive.

For the automatic turret, it is recommended to get the one that inflicts damage over time or the one that stuns opponents.

Finally, keep your base so that it is not attractive to potential attackers. This means keeping as few resources available for looting as possible: no one will waste food for a handful of coins and some Reagents.

How to win fights

When it comes to winning a fight, the most important decision you will make is the team configuration. We'll talk about it in detail below, but until then, here are some additional tips and tricks to win all the battles in the game:

  • In addition to always having the best equipped items (depending on your fighter's role), make sure that your fighter's level gets to the maximum through training.
  • Second, make sure you always go into battle using some supplies. Use these supplies as soon as possible so that you can use another one as soon as possible in battle. These offer enormous advantages and are something the defenders don't have.

Better team configuration

As your barracks level up, the number of survivors you have on your team will increase. The maximum number of fighters you can have now is 6. Here are the recommended team settings based on the number of survivors you have:

  • 3 members: a melee unit, a chemist and a ranged unit. In this way, you will always have the best possible equipment for your survivors, as the game also offers these three categories in advance.
  • 4 members : it is recommended to go with 2 melee units (since they are POs and can inflict a lot of damage), a chemist and a remote one.
  • 5 members: Keep two melee units, one chemist and two remote units for extra protection.
  • 6 Members: Balancing the team can be a good way to get the upper hand in battle: two units each for body damage at cover, chemical and distance.

A tip for melee units: Equip them with items that give your character a chance to recover some health.

Having a melee unit (a tank) that regenerates health, absorbing damage, is ideal because the troops in the back have time to inflict a lot of damage and easily eliminate all enemies.

The opposite is true for remote units: only equip them with items that increase the attack or damage inflicted and nothing else, as they don't do much damage at all.

How to increase the number of stars of the survivors

It's really hard to get 4 and 5 star survivors at Zero City: Zombie Shelter , but it's extremely important to have at least some of these in the shelter because otherwise you can't get better stats.

To increase the star rating of your survivors, tap the one you want to improve and then tap the button closest to the rating. Getting an upgrade from 3 to 4 stars costs 750 Cryptcoin, so it's definitely not cheap.

Also, because star upgrades are so expensive, it is recommended to use them only for your fighters, as they are the most important survivors of the game and you need them to have the maximum combat potential and to make battles easier.

Zero City: Zombie Shelter | Tricks for iOS and Android

Activate Premium Account

If you have some money available to spend in the game, the choice to pay for the Premium Account is really worth it, as it makes progress much easier in the game. It's almost like cheating.

You can activate your account for 15 days or 30 days and get a lot of upgrades that make it much easier to manage and especially grow your base:

  • Maximum happiness bonus from producing resources (20%, compared to the maximum 5% you can get without Premium)
  • Extra resources for victories in both PvP and PvE modes
  • Save 30% of your resources when looted in PvP mode
  • 25% reduction in construction time and room upgrade time
  • Reduced item processing times, as well as production and supply upgrade times
  • Improved prizes from the daily cash register
  • The hospital restores the health of units everywhere in the Shelter (so you no longer need to send units to the hospital).
  • Double reward from daily missions
  • Production limits for supplies increased to 18 (compared to 9 without Premium)
  • Get twice as many resources from friends
  • Battles can be accelerated

The price of the monthly fee is 5.99 euros.

Take any gifts you are offered

Gifts are not given often in Zombie City, so you absolutely must activate all the offers: the daily cash, the ads you can watch and even the random "watch an ad" function that appears from time to time, offering you money or other resources.

You can also watch a commercial to speed up the training of your soldiers or other survivors.

You should also focus on Zombie Hordes every time they pop up, as you get a lot of crates from these events. Likewise, make sure you complete all the daily quests to get even more free bonuses in the game.

How to use Premium Currency

Since Cryptcoins (the Premium currency in Zombie City) are difficult to get and accumulate, spending them on the right things is essential.

It is advisable to spend them on only two things: increasing the survivors' rating and getting the second builder.

Everything else, from accelerating production or extra resources, is just a waste of Premium currency as it can be obtained for free.

Keep the happiness bonus as high as possible

If you touch the population's happiness icon in the top right corner, you can see how happy your survivors are. Try to keep the bonus always at maximum (5% normally or 20% with Premium Account), in order to increase the production of resources.

You can increase the happiness of your survivors by touching the various icons that randomly appear above their heads while in the Sanctuary.

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