Young Merlin SNES passwords and codes

Young merlin it's a video game developed in 1994 for the console Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The protagonist of the game is the young Merlin who, also with the help of the Lady of the Lake, intends to defeat the evil Shadow King.

The video game received at the time numerous praises, for example from the N-Force magazine which gave it an overall score of 92% and perhaps described it in an overly enthusiastic way as the new Zelda. Electronic Gaming Monthly described it instead as an excellent compromise between a fast action game and a RPG.
The levels are very wide, the control system is good and the graphics are certainly to be commended.
Similar reviews also came from GamePro and other magazines of the time. The magical atmosphere, the colorful graphics and the good technical realization make Young Merlin a very enjoyable game, to have in your collection of cartridges SNES.

Enter the following passwords in the options menu on the sword.

^ = UP direction arrow
v = DOWN direction arrow
> = RIGHT direction arrow
<= LEFT direction arrow

YR> vvvYR YYYBYRvB - All objects; level near the end of the game
X ^ LRRvYB LXR> ^ YBB - Underground Dungeon
> LX> vvYY YRRX ^ RXB - In the middle of Rainbow Land
XBLYYBBB RBBLBBBB - After the battle with Thunder Pig
XRBLRvYX RRRL> ^ RB - After freeing the elf
BXLXYBBB RBB> YYBB - After delivering the Faerie's Reflection
LRB ^ RvYX RRL> ^ RBB - Before crossing the Rainbow Gate

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