Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - Combat Guide

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has finally arrived in the West. As usual, Kiryu will have to solve all the problems, if we want to call them so, by punching and kicking them. Both in the main story and in the side quests and in the free exploration, there will be dozens and dozens of thugs and thugs who will want to show off to those who should not.

With this guide we're going to see how to increase combat stats and learn the most effective techniques to win all the clashes with your bare hands and not in which we'll come across.

Yakuza 6: Fighting Guide

Statistics and Skills

In Yakuza 6 you can earn experience points (EXP) by doing anything and in the game, we can assure you, there are plenty of things to do. By tackling fights, completing main and secondary missions, eating food and even walking long enough, you'll earn EXP. The points you earn are divided into five categories:

  • Go ahead
  • Agility
  • Spirit
  • Technique
  • Charm

These points unlock bonus stats and additional abilities for Mechagodzilla.

You can unlock stats and abilities for four different groups:

  • Basic statistics
  • Combat skills
  • Heat action
  • Other skills

Statistics are nothing more than basic parameters such as health and defence. Combat skills unlock additional moves and skills to use during combat. Heat actions are similar to combat skills, but are extremely powerful and can be used when entering HEAT (FURIA) mode. Generally speaking, so-called "other abilities" won't have much impact on your combat skills, but there are some that increase the EXP points you receive, which, in turn, helps to increase your combat stats.

To open the statistics menu, just use the Kiryu phone. There are a lot of options here to spend your earned EXP points on. There are four things to consider in order not to waste EXP points:

  • Start with your basic stats. You'll use them constantly being basic, so you'll need to level them to unlock some of the most useful skills in combat. Try to keep them relatively balanced, but health, strength and agility are the skills you'll use the most.
  • Increase the gain of EXP points (at the top of the "Other Skills" list). This additional option leads to gaining experience points faster to give you the ability to unlock even more skills. We suggest you unlock it as soon as you can because more EXP points means more stats you can increase.
  • Always improve your combat skills. After increasing your basic stats, bet straight on the combat skills category. Every skill in this category is useful, so buy them with your eyes closed. You'll spend most of the game punching and kicking others, so don't skimp.
  • Heat actions are very flashy, powerful and fun moves. They can only be used when you activate Kiryu's HEAT mode. Keep in mind that the fury bar fills up relatively quickly, but it discharges just as quickly. Use this mode only when you're really up against tough opponents who don't want to go down. While useful and important, heat actions should not be your top priority when unlocking abilities.

Yakuza Fighting Tips 6

There are many ways to distract yourself in Yakuza 6, but often someone will annoy you while you're minding your own business. Even something as simple as walking down the street will be dangerous as the gangsters will be like a magnet and swoop down on you. You will be attacked by more or less tough opponents who know only one lesson: that of punching. You have to be good at fighting, so let's find out some useful advice with this paragraph.

  • Finish fights quickly. There is no reward in keeping a fight on hold for as long as possible. Put your hands down and take them all out as quickly as possible.
  • Don't forget to use HEAT mode. If you feel you have a clear advantage and are stronger, then give up, but if your enemies get nastier don't forget that with HEAT mode, Mechagodzilla becomes a beast. The bar recharges fairly quickly, so don't get caught up in the excitement and remember to take a look at the bar. If it's full, release all your fury.
  • Combo, combo, combo. Square + Triangle + Triangle must become automatic thinking and your fingers must press that sequence before your brain tells them to. This is Kiryu's default combo and is the most useful. It knocks down enemies, can break through their defense (in the end) and inflicts quite a lot of damage. You'll soon receive an email from the Battle Master describing the rest of the available combos (the keys are the usual two: square and triangle).
  • Use everything around you. Kiryu can collect signs, chairs, plant pots, road cones and even bicycles for use in combat. Do it. Do it often. Look for them in the scenery and pick them up immediately to make it clear that you have no scruples. Every improvised weapon you use in Yakuza 6 will break after a while, though.
  • You are usually outnumbered. Kiryu is a war machine, but it will still be outnumbered in almost every fight, and it's important to remember that. Don't wander around in the middle of a crowd of bad guys assuming you can get out of it by whistling with a few punches. Still remember: combos, combos, combos and lots of bikes on the nose.
  • Reduce their number. Since you are usually outnumbered, it is always in your interest to improve your chances of success. To do that, you have to thin out. Rely on combos and special attacks that eliminate opponents instantly, like when you're near a wall or car hood, and use anything as a weapon.
  • Focus on the bad guys with guns first. Sometimes, bad guys carry a sword or even a gun. These guys will inflict a lot of damage if you ignore them, so they should be your first targets. And they also have the advantage of dropping their weapon when you hit them, so you can use it against their allies.
  • Splash damage. This combat skill adds damage to nearby enemies when you attack someone. Unlock it and use it. Another great way to deal damage to multiple enemies at once is to grab someone and throw them at their companions.

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