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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life presents a brand new minigame known as Clan Creator. It works as a classic RTS that allows players to take a break from the main story and accumulate cash. It's a fun diversion, allowing you to manage one clan and have it fight against the others in both offline and online modes.

To unlock Clan Creator, you'll need to progress through the story until Chapter 5, so don't worry if you can't play it until then. Just keep moving forward in the main story. The beating heart of the minigame is the missions that take place as a tower defense. You have a deployment indicator that fills up when you defeat enemies. Each of your soldiers - both generic soldiers and your leaders - has a cost that will empty your marker. Commanders are much more expensive than soldiers, but they have special abilities that you can activate during combat. Your goal is basically just to wipe out your enemies before time runs out.

One of the main factors in the Clan Creator system is the recruitment of characters. The characters to be included in the clan can be met on the street (they will tell you that they want to fight) and once defeated they can be recruited. There are, however, secret characters that are part of the saga that can only be unlocked with codes.

In this guide, we'll find out all the codes of the secret characters. The characters are divided into different ranks and rarities and have unique abilities that directly affect their performance in the mini game. In the western version of the game, for now, only C (Common) and R (Rare) rank characters are unlockable.

How to unlock secret Clan Creator characters

As mentioned above, you'll be able to recruit characters from the Yakuza saga to complete your clan and make it more lethal. There are also celebrities from New Japan Pro Wrestling, yes, you got that right.

To redeem these Codes you need to talk to Masao who is standing next to Joe. He always wears a yellow jacket and is not too hard to spot. Masao can be found at Le Pente restaurant in Onomichi or M Side Cafe in Kamurocho. Below are all the available codes:

Talk to Masao, the guy in the yellow jacket, to unlock secret characters with the codes.

Yakuza saga character codes

  • Kazuma Kiryu (C) - S66X7BAQN4ECAEE9
  • Goro Majima (C) - T2OMQ7FM5KBJPOUR
  • Taiga Saejima (C) - VRJR9A7SX9Z6MMTV
  • Daigo Dojima (C) - M5BXOKQRSIELV19D
  • Daigo Dojima (R) - the6thheadoftojo
  • Amon (C) - 7R30M9ZDUH0MJIA1
  • Makoto Date (C) - UVHVD2H7WI95GHNL
  • Makoto Date (R) - detectivemandate
  • Shun Akiyama (R) - adreamingakiyama
  • Shun Akiyama (SR) - 0intheredakiyama
  • Ono Michio (C) - 3QXI6YIGSH03DETX

Justis and Kiryu Clan character codes

  • Satsuki (R) - mystrymansatsuki
  • Joe (R) - heaintnojoeshmoe
  • Masao (R) - shouldertoleanon
  • Sodachi (R) - bestcoachsodachi
  • Bartender (R) - amasterbartender

NJPW character codes

  • Yuji Nagata (R) - nagatalocknagata
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi (R) - mistertokyodome0
  • Tetsuya Naito (R) - elingobernable00
  • Kazuchika Okada (R) - rainmakermrokada
  • KUSHIDA (R) - thesupernovarana
  • Katsuyori Shibata (R) - shibatagotosleep
  • EVIL (R) - 0banshee0muzzle0
  • Manabu Nakanishi (R) - 0herculescutter0
  • Super Strong Machine (R) - STRONGMACHINEDDT
  • Captain New Japan (R) - puroresunewjapan
  • Toru Yano (R) - binwanproducer00
  • Ryusuke Taguchi (R) - masterofdropkick
  • Tomohiro Ishii (R) - 00ishiidriller00
  • Bushi (R) - firebirdsplasher

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