Xenogears - PS1 cheats and codes

Xenogears it is a beautiful Japanese role-playing video game developed in 1998 by SquareSoft to Sony PlayStation. In Europe and the PAL markets the title never arrived, having only been released in Japan and North America.

At the time of its release, Xenogears was appreciated by specialized critics and the public for its well-curated gameplay, for the detailed graphics, for the intricate plot at the right point and for the characterization of the individual characters. The videos are also excellent, really well done for the time, and the soundtrack of the game. Although initially the creators of the series had foreseen six titles, Xenogears was the only one to be completed and to see the light. However, it can be said that two titles like Xenosaga and Xenoblade constitute the ideal sequels to the game. 
Xenogears touches religious themes, speaks of philosophical (Nietzsche) and even psychological (Freud and Jung) theories, which makes it a rather intense adventure and not particularly suitable for an audience of young players. The main character around which the story centers is Fei Fong Wong, a boy with amnesia who lives in the village of Lahan.

This small village, located on the border between Aveh and Kislev, soon becomes the scene of bloody clashes: during one of these, Fei takes possession of a mecha and, although animated by good intentions, ends up devastating the village. He is therefore exiled and decides to undertake a long and perilous journey in search of information on his dark past.

When you are in the Bledavik tournament and fighting Dan, don't attack. Instead, defend yourself until Dan gets irritated and leaves the meeting. He will give you his sister's wedding dress, which can be worn by any character, even male, and at that point in the game it is quite useful.

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