Xbox One X: Everything You Need to Know

The launch of the Xbox One X game is just a few days ago and we are eager to share our impressions with you but we need to make some clarifications first. In case you haven't seen anything of the console yet, it's our duty to give you again our Project Scorpio Edition unboxing.

In any case, at the launch of any new hardware or a new service in the minds of users, a lot of questions flash in their minds that often remain smoky and unresolved. The objective of this article is to dispel the various doubts and to clarify the characteristics of the new console by Microsoft. Obviously, should this guide not solve your problems, please do not hesitate to contact us and comment with your doubts about it.

Will my accessories and controllers work on Xbox One X ?

Yes, from the point of view of accessories there will be total backward compatibility with those of the Xbox One Fat / Xbox One S

Xbox One X Are the titles sold separately?

No, being Xbox One X a mid-gen console and basically an enhanced version of your One Fat and One S, it shares the same games with them. Logically, as we'll see later on, there are more or less marked improvements and this also applies retroactively, but we'll come back to that later. Anyway, the boxes in the shops and the digital purchases are the same on both consoles. So the discs will be read natively from both consoles.

What happens to the digital games I had on my old One?

Games in digital format, both those purchased and those obtained with Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass or EA Access, are linked to the account. As a result, all you need to do is log in with your old account on your brand new One X to download your games.

How do I download "4K updates" for my games?

  • If you connect via One X, updates will be automatic but you will need to go to Help > Settings > System > Updates and activate automatic game updates beforehand.

  • If you connect via One S, updates will be optional and can be transported, via an External Hard Disk Drive, to your new console to be exploited.
    Just go to Help > Settings > System > Backups & Transfers and activate 4K Content Download.

How can I tell if a game is upgraded for mine Xbox One X ?

Most of the titles you'll be running on your One X will be visibly better, but some titles are greatly optimized through targeted updates.

Not all games, however, have dedicated 4K assets and some will simply receive higher resolution textures, much better filters and a higher frame rate (so they will be smoother) or more stable.

  • In store:

On the boxes of the upcoming games (on some titles of October is already present) you'll find some specific wording that will denote the upgrades for One X.

On the retail packs will be written as " Xbox One X Optimized", "4K Ultra HD", "HDR High Dynamic Range" and "Dolby Atmos".

  • In the Xbox Digital Store:

If you aim to buy titles digitally there will be proper indexing and specific tags on the Microsoft store itself. Simply go to the store page and navigate to the "Optimized Xbox One X " section to access the title list.

Warning: The older titles don't have these words on the boxes and some are still "undergoing the upgrade process".

If you want to know which titles are already available and which ones are in the process of being upgraded, just go to the official page and check the list.

Some titles temporarily benefit from frame rate improvements without dedicated patches (as in the case of The Witcher 3) as they have the latter "unlocked" and not fixed at 30.

To know specifically the weight and specifications of each update for the various games I refer you to the excellent work done on reddit.

Only future and recent games will be upgraded on Xbox One X ?

The optimized titles aim to be in a very substantial number and the catalog expands to time spans even very far away. Both the titles just released and those that have been available for quite a while will be upgraded in an exceptional way.

Even some Xbox 360 Retrocompatible titles will be optimized to look like titles developed just a few years ago. Games like Gears of War 3 have undergone a monstrous "facelift" and look great on Xbox One X . Games like Oblivion and Fallout 3 are also very enjoyable.

Considering that backwards compatibility also extends to the Xbox Classic, you can also play those on One X. Logically this is for better or worse the same update available on One Fat and One S and you'll basically be faced with "HD remastered" titles.

Does it make sense to buy Xbox One X if I don't have a 4K screen?

The titles on Xbox One X offer improvements of various kinds that are not limited only to resolution. Thanks to filters, higher frame rates (the change from 30 to 60 is remarkable) and supersampling (with 4K rendering and downscaling to 1080p for better antialiasing) you will get very rewarding results even on 1080p monitors/TVs.

The titles will also have reduced loading times and an overall image quality definitely better.

In addition, not present from now but is already assured for the future, there will also be native support to 1440p monitors!

Does it make sense to buy one Xbox One X if I own an Xbox One S?

The titles on Xbox One X offer significant enhancements compared to the S version but, at least for now, the X does not offer exclusive titles compared to the S. Basically, however, the titles are enjoyable and if in the judgment of a title look a lot at the technical side, it could really be worth it.

In addition to having graphical improvements the titles (at least in single player to avoid discrepancies and inequalities in multy) will offer higher frame rates and sometimes around (or fixed) 60 fps.

Does it make sense to buy one Xbox One X if I own a PC?

Xbox One X is, without a doubt, a gem from an engineering point of view and is a machine with an excellent value for money. While it's hard to compare two converging yet different ecosystems, I'd say One X is a good mid-range gaming PC. In case you already have a gaming PC the reasons to buy it are reduced but it might still make sense.

Several exclusive console titles and some cross-platform titles include the concept of Play Anywhere. Buying a title digitally will make it available for download both on your Windows 10 PC and on your Xbox One, sharing progress and saves thanks to the Cloud system.

In addition, some titles offer Cross-play and you can play 2 games on the net in your own home, one from PC and the other from Xbox One.

There is also to say that many of the services offered by the console, as you will see in the next paragraph, are exclusive to the Xbox platform.

Does it make sense to buy one Xbox One X if I own a PS4 / PS4 Pro?

The long-standing issue of exclusives is one of the things that have always made users discuss on sites and forums. There is no doubt that the competition's exclusives are well made and in larger numbers to meet the various niches but, despite this, Xbox One X has several tricks up its sleeve.

  • Subscription services

Xbox One is a platform that has evolved over time into a more "digital" view of video games.

With EA Access you can have exclusive access (at the price of 25 euros per year) to a vast catalog of EA titles both recent (such as Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect Andromeda) and retrocompatible as well as all sports (from spring). The effect is retroactive and you can play all the titles in the package even if you only subscribe now.

With Xbox Game Pass instead, you'll have at your disposal (at a monthly price of 9.99 euros) to a very large title park. The latter ranging from exclusives like Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive and Gears Ultimate to multi-platform AAA titles like Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain and Mad Max. There will also be backwards compatible titles from both Xbox 360 and Xbox Classic!

This is a real Netflix of video games. It's a great offer for regular gamers, but also for those who are just now entering the world of the current videogame gen.

  • Backwards compatibility

Xbox One will give you the opportunity to (re)play a considerable amount of old glories from previous generations. All obviously seasoned with more or less evident graphic improvements (even more marked on One X).

You can recover masterpieces such as Red Dead Redemption, BioShock sagas, Gears of War and Mass Effect. Do you miss Japan? Don't worry, you can enjoy titles like Dark Souls, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Catherine.

With the opening to backwards compatibility with the first Xbox you can also play real pearls of the past. Remember titles like Ninja Gaiden Black and Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic? Here's on One you'll be able to hug them again or make some serious recoveries.

  • Old and New IPs

Microsoft is a bit short on exclusive titles but has some very interesting alternatives. It's clear that the focus of this renaissance of the Xbox brand is on eSports, multiplayer and cross-platform experiences, and much sought-after Indie titles.

The aggregation that emerges from the outgoing securities is clear. Exclusive titles like Sea of Thieves, Player Unknown's Battleground, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 show a strong focus on the concept of community and playing together in multiplayer.

Phil Spencer himself has stated that the historic top IPs (Halo and Gears) will receive the treatment they deserve in due course. Many new titles are also on the way and many new internal studies have been purchased. All with a view to massive support in the coming years.

In short, we are faced with a console with a high potential and that could make the Microsoft brand come back.

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