Xbox One: Guide to the Voice Commands of Kinect 2.0

Xbox One : list and guide to the voice commands of Kinect 2.0 - Thanks to voice commands Xbox One we can manage our console simply by pronouncing the order preceded by the word XBOX, however, some users have taken advantage of the functionality of the console to make jokes to users on the network, how? Find the video after the list of voice commands divided by categories!

Navigation inside the console:

"Xbox, turn on": to turn on the console, but only with instant on mode enabled
"Xbox, turn off": to turn off the console
"Xbox, go to home" or "Show my stuff": to return to the home screen
"Xbox, go to ": to open a specific application
"Xbox, Back": To go back to the previous screen, go back to the previous screen
"Xbox, cancel": to cancel the previous action
"Xbox, side-by-side": to side-by-side a specific application, i.e. to open in side-by-side application mode
"Xbox, remove": to remove the application in the application side-by-side mode
"Xbox, switch to": to switch between the display Side application to main view
"Xbox, show menu": to display the shortcut menu
"Xbox, change display": to change the display, press the View button.
"Xbox, Guide": To view the guide

Internet browsing:

"Xbox, Bing": To make a search on Bing


"Xbox, Skype": to view the list of Skype contacts
"Xbox, Skype ": to view the contact details of the indicated person
"Xbox, call ": to start a video call
"Xbox, pick up": to accept a video call...
"Xbox, answer without video": to answer a voice-only call...
"Xbox, interrupt": to end a call

User profiles:

"Xbox, sign in": to go to the login page and log in with any profile
"Login as": to log in with a specific account
"Xbox, disconnect": to disconnect from active profile
"Xbox, send message": to send a message to a friend profile on Xbox Live
"Xbox, use a code": to start scanning a code for a game or downloadable content


"Xbox, notifications": to view the history of notifications
"Xbox, show notification": to view more details about a notification shown
"Xbox, Close Notification": To close a notification displayed
"Xbox, answer": to answer a call when the notification is displayed
"Xbox, answer without video": to answer a call without video when the notification is displayed

Video and music, for the latter we remind you that you must have Xbox Music active:

"Xbox, play": To play a video...
"Xbox, Pause": To pause a video, pause a video
"Xbox, rewind": to rewind to a previous point
"Xbox, Fast Forward": To advance rapidly to the next point
"Xbox, Faster": to rewind or advance faster
"Xbox, slower": to rewind or advance more slowly
"Xbox, jump back": to jump to the previous chapter
"Xbox, Jump Forward": To jump to the next chapter, you need to
"Xbox, stop": to interrupt the playback of a content
"Xbox, play music": to play music from the last active playlist...
"Xbox, Suspend Music": to suspend a piece of music
"Xbox, next track": to jump to the next track on the playlist or album
"Xbox, previous track": to return to the previous track on the playlist or album.


"Xbox, watch TV": To watch TV, watch TV.
"Xbox, show guide": to view OneGuide
"Xbox, watch ": to watch a certain channel


"Xbox, Mute Audio": To mute the TV...
"Xbox, turn on audio": to turn on TV sound
"Xbox, turn up the volume": to increase the volume of the TV...
"Xbox, turn down the volume": to turn down the volume of the TV


"Xbox, invite": To invite a friend to participate in a game or a chat
"Xbox, record this item": to record a clip or a game element

In the following video you can see the joke of a user who has chosen Xbox Shut Off as his name. During the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty in fact several players have triggered the shutdown of their console simply by calling this user who has made it particularly unpleasant blocking them in some areas of gameplay!

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