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Do you like to go into cadastral and post-apocalyptic environments? Then you must love survival games where you have to put all your strategy and logic in order to defeat the threats around you and live in a world full of hostilities. At Gums UP we offer you a selection of the best XBOX ONE survival games that have been released this year and in the past. This way, you will be able to know which are the best adventures for you to have a good time ?


To start this selection with “the crÃme de la crÃme” we want to talk about the XBOX ONE survival games that have been released this 2020 and that are really amazing. Here is a careful selection for you to know what game to play. Believe us: you’ll love them!


Resident Evil 2 is one of the greatest survival games of now and all time. This is a new version of this horror saga where zombies endanger the human race. The game is full of realistic visuals and amazing sound that will make you feel at the heart of this devastated world.

In this new game we will go hand in hand with a policeman and a university student who witness how their city becomes a city plagued by the living dead who threaten its existence. You can choose any of the two characters and define the best way to survive the zombie invasion.

  • Launch date: 25 January 2019
  • Gender: Survival
  • Number of players: One player


Another game set in an environment where disaster reigns and where you have to manage to survive is Days Gone. This is a new Sony Bend production where we will enter a universe full of dangers and problems. We will have to put all our cunning on the table in order to survive and defeat all our enemies.

In order to survive, it will be important for us to be observers and to collect the objects we find on the way, which will help us to overcome future obstacles. The main character of the game is a rebel biker who must find his place in the world.

  • Launch date: April 26, 2019
  • Gender: Survival
  • Number of players: One player

¢ï¸ 76

At the end of 2018, another of the best XBOX ONE survival games you should know about appeared on the market. We are talking about Fallout 76This is a game that belongs to the survival genre, but also to the multiplayer shooter. Here you must put yourself under the skin of a character who must survive in a post-apocalyptic world and, along with him, other friends who have also survived will appear.

In this adventure we will move to West Virginia with all our friends. We will go through a lot of spaces to be able to take refuge and find objects or weapons that can help us in case we are in danger.

  • Launch date: 14 November 2018
  • Gender: Survival
  • Number of players: Multiplayer


We continue with this list of the best survival games of XBOX ONE to tell you now about those titles that were presented in 2018 or that reached their fame and success in this past year. They are games that take you into hostile places and where you will have to be crafty to defeat the enemy.


Metal Gear Survive is a surprising proposal that offers us an adventure different from what we were used to. On this occasion, we will enter a fictional reality in which mutants and monsters reside that will make your hair stand on end. In addition, it is a game that allows you to play in multiplayer mode in open world scenarios.

Here you must use the firearms you find on your way to avoid running into danger in this dangerous world. Cooperation with other players is essential so that everyone has a specific role and the group can be kept safe and sound.

  • Launch date: 20 February 2018
  • Gender: Survival
  • Number of players: Multiplayer


And we finish this list with the best survival games of XBOX ONE to tell you about State of Decay 2, a third person horror game where you must survive a universe full of zombies that want to finish with you.

In this game you have the possibility to play with three maps that are very different from each other. Therefore, it is a game that fights against repetition and that proposes unique and surprising environments. You can use amazing vehicles to move around the different screens of the game and avoid being killed by the undead. The whole game is about survival, so you must put all your intelligence on the table to prevent the zombie apocalypse from taking you down too.

  • Launch date: 22 May 2018
  • Gender: Survival
  • Number of players: Single player, Multiplayer

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