WWF Royal Rumble SNES cheats and codes

WWF Royal Rumble it's a fighting game genre which sees the protagonist wrestling professional, much loved sport not only in the USA but also in Italy. Released in 1993 for consoles Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive, WWF Royal Rumble according to some is part of a trilogy that includes WWF Super WrestleMania, the first title in the series, and WWF Raw.

The title of the videogame takes its name from the popular event, perhaps the most anticipated of the year, the Royal Rumble, very spectacular indeed. In the same year a game with the same characteristics was marketed for Sega Mega CD: its name is WWF Rage in the Cage. Thanks to the "Tug-of-War“, In WWF Royal Rumble a meter was added to the screen to show who has the advantage of taking.
The game's graphics are colorful and very sharp and players can use illicit means like steel chairs to hit and stun opponents. You can too stun the referee, who will not see your misconduct during that time. What are you waiting for to buy a copy? After all, they are only a few euros!

Here is an easy easy trick that allows you to use a Super Punch. Wait until the Copyright screen starts to disappear, then press B + Y. If you hear the "Ugh" sound, then the trick worked.

Choose the fighter you want to clone. In its screen, stop the background, then press and hold R, then press and hold L and finally press SELECT. A clone of your wrestler will appear in the wrestler list.

On the character selection screen, you will see the WWF logo behind the wrestlers. If you press the L key, you can slow down the logo, while if you press R you can speed it up.

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