WWF Raw SNES cheats and codes

WWF Raw is a fighting video game released in 1994 and focused on professional wrestling matches. The game came up SNES, Sega Mega Drive, Game Gear and Game Boy.

The videogame is part of the trilogy of titles composed not only by WWF Raw but also by WWF Super WrestleMania and WWF Royal Rumble. For each selectable fighter in the game are available new special moves personal, something that had never happened in previous chapters. Among the moves introduced as a novelty in the game, the legendary DDT, the Fallway Slam and numerous and spectacular types of suplex. Each fighter has their own characteristics of endurance, strength and weight.
To increase the power of the move that is being performed at that moment there is a "tug of war" system, which in English is called "Tug-of-war". The faster you press the key indicated by the system, the easier it will be to exhaust the opponent and subdue him with a final move that will end the match. Among the game modes available in WWF Raw are the Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble and the Tag Team Match.

In the wrestler selection screen, when the wrestler is highlighted, press the SELECT button to see his attributes, then press the following buttons to change his details.
LEFT-UP, A and START - 123 Kid
A, Y and START - Bam Bam Bigelow
LEFT-DOWN and START - Bret Hart
DOWN, A, Y and START - Diesel
LEFT, A, Y and START - Doink
DOWN-RIGHT and START - Lex Luger
UP-RIGHT and A - Luna Vachon
UP, A, Y and START - Owen Hart
LEFT, A and Y - Razor Ramon
LEFT-DOWN, A and Y - Shawn Michaels
RIGHT, Y and START -Undertaker
SU, A and Y - Yokozuna

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