Wuppo Definitive Edition - Review of the Steam version

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It was recently released there Definitive Edition di Wuppo, a very cute platform indie with elements Metroidvania. Here is ours review.

The colorful world dominated by Wum

Wuppo originally came out on Steam e GOG il 29 September 2016 as the first work of the studio Knuck & Peach.

The story will begin with a Wum, a round creature with many small legs, which we will discover to be the race that dominates the game world.

This unusual protagonist, who will seem somewhat at first clumsy, will be kicked out of his residence, the Wumhouse, as it has often caused annoyance to the manager dirtying the floor of ice cream.

It will then be thrown into a forest, where the our adventure. By stopping eating ice cream, our protagonist will lose weight, becoming much more small and agile and thus allowing us to explore the world around us.

An adventure to return home

Wuppo will initially present itself as a platform, allowing us to explore the first area we will encounter enough freely without obstacles if not natural.

THEscouting it will be one of the most fundamental parts of Wuppo: this will almost never be hindered, but rather will be promoted, as we will be able to collect around the map, in addition to many objects that we will need for the plot and not, of the "Filmstrip".

Filmstrips are nothing more than films that we will be able to reproduce at some NPCs of the title and that will allow us to find out more information about history and peculiarities of Wuppo's setting.

This particular aspect was really well looked after, since it will allow us to thoroughly investigate every twist of the title always in a way funny e fulfilling.

A colorful world

The title is shown with from special colors, almost “childish”, giving the impression of having been entirely drawn with gods pastels.

For this reason, the artistic style turns out to be somewhat only e charismatic, with nicely mixed animations and colors that make the title extremely satisfying visually without ever looking out of place. Similarly, the sound compartment will not be outdone.

The music will be simple but very much in theme with playful tone that characterizes the title and its weird characters. We also appreciated the inclusion of the entire soundtrack in the Definitive Edition, with more than 100 songs. The only thing that made us turn up our noses is that at times some tracks seemed a bit too much repetitive.

A world that is almost alive

even the world that we will explore with ours Wum will be extremely well cared for. In fact, leaving the forest we will move to several other areas, which will also be densely populated.

Lots of Wum and other races do they will move around us in different directions and performing different actions, really giving the illusion of being in one living world.

Not least will be the NPCs, who will all have a particular character and will be a lot charismatic. These will often give secondary missions or in any case they will have some interaction with us, managing to surprise us at times for their genuineness.

For these reasons, as we continue with the adventure, we will be able to become attached to both protagonist that the world around him.

The world of Wuppo appears to us in fact extremely successful, both as regards those who live there, and the sections of scouting e platformer, sometimes presenting gods puzzle which will be quite challenging.

The only flaw in the beautiful world created by Knuist & Perzik though is that it will often appear dispersive and anti-intuitive. Sometimes, especially towards the last stages of the game, we got stuck because we didn't know exactly where to go or what object to find to continue the story.

For example, to advance to one of the final areas you will need to find some rocks which are only available from a merchant at the beginning of the same area. This does not come to us suggested and we wasted a few hours figuring out where they were.

In addition, some areas, such as one in particular that will take us to show in the middle of the title, will be so large as to be nothing short of dispersive, at least in the beginning, and it will take some getting used to.

Lots of surprisingly inspired bossfights

At the beginning of the game we will be entrusted with the Gumgumgum, that is a gun that shoots rubber through which we will be able to face real bossfights.

The various bosses in particular will turn out to be extremely inspired and interesting to deal with. In addition, especially on Insane difficulty, they will be very challenging to deal with, although they will not undergo drastic changes in terms of moves or behaviors.

In the Definitive Edition we also really appreciated the presence of the Boss Run, a mode solely composed of bosses, which we will have to face one after the other. To help us, we can, earning money from killing enemies, boost up la nostra Gumgumgun.

The title will also feature some other weapons, such as the Bazooka or a bucket that will allow us to shoot water, but as interesting as these were, we preferred our trusted gun for the duration of the gameplay, as more effective and since it does not require recharges.

We found the gameplay a lot funny e stimulant, however, we have often had problems with the view.

Being the bosses particularly great in fact, it is artistic style of the title as well particolare, we often struggled to see our character, thus resulting in general discomfort during some fights.

While this isn't particularly disabling, it has often made us take hits that we could have avoided if it weren't for this graphic peculiarity and this problem with the size of the enemies.

Very particular, however, is the fact that, during the actual plot of the title, dying in front of a boss, not only we will reappear in front of it, but all ours will also be restored to their previous state objectsthus allowing a best use of our resources.

The title from a technical point of view

Graphically the title does not shine in terms of quality, despite the improvements area of Definitive Edition. However, being so simple, both in terms of graphics and effects, we have not found never had any problems to run the title and also on Underperforming PCs this had excellent performance.

We found only one bug for the duration of the gameplay, and although this was quite disabling as it forced us to restart fromlast checkpoint, it was the only real problem we encountered during the title.

Another factor that we found quite annoying is that the rectangular areas, which will usually be those of platforming, the camera will move between the two instances according to the movement of our Wum, making some jumps up more complicated.

THEHUD there appeared a lot inspired e functional, however, it seemed quite unusual to us the choice not to stop the title during thebrowsing the menus, making it impossible to select the different objects that we can find inside it (including the cures) in more excited sections.

The title has a very variable duration, however all the main missions can be completed in around 10 hours, Up to a maximum of 25 if you want to explore the title thoroughly or try it at higher difficulty.

It turns out to be also particularly replayable (especially at high difficulty) thanks to the different approaches that we will be able to adopt throughout the game experience, a feature that brings it closer to the genre of Metroidvania.

Freedom in Wuppo

Finally, we wanted to applaud the freedom the title offers the player. Beyond the already mentioned freedom of exploration of very large areas, the title will never indicate the secondary missions, nor will he tell us what objects use, nor will it give us tappe for the main missions.

This makes the title much more real: and to thing it has to be done, but it is never explained exactly like. Sometimes things will be more istintive or intuitive to advance us in history, at other times they will be more difficult to understand, but it will never seem to be guided.

Wuppo is extremely stimulating from that point of view, as from a particular one freedom to the player to enjoy the title like better prefer, although on certain occasions it may be too dispersive (as explained above).

Furthermore, in the Definitive Edition, it also allows you to play the title in local coop with a friend, who can to help during the game.


The title is definitely one surprise. The artistic style and characters I am extremely charismatic and the game world appears extensive e freely explorable. The gameplay it turns out to be also funny e stimulating, managing to give the player incredible freedom in the approaches to be adopted.

It doesn't have a particularly long lifespan, but it's an experience indeed particolare and definitely worth the its price. The biggest problems of the title are in fact related to the too much realism e peculiarities of some mechanics and the too many possibilities given all together with the player, which make the title appear somewhat dispersive.

Additions to the Definitive Edition, such as the Boss Run o Co-op Locale, have been extremely you like and make the title again funnier. However, while there have been some improvements, it keeps appearing at times frustrating e anti-intuitive.

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