WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship – Review

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The guys from Kylotonn after two years from the previous chapter are back on track with the new one WRC 8.
The team will have managed to break away from the previous chapters by mediocre results? Find out with us to find out what WRC 8 has to offer to rally fans.

A new beginning

The main novelty for the new chapter dedicated to the Rally is linked to the presence of the career mode, much better structured than its previous versions. After selecting our name and the nationality of our alter ego, the game allows us to start from Junior WRC or to immediately raise the difficulty with the WRC 2.

A progression system which links the results obtained to the various events, in which the score will be directly proportional to the degree of team satisfaction with which we have the contract of the season.

This however will not be theonly news introduced: we would in fact also have the management side, where we will deal with the live broadcast management of our team and future events in which we will participate.

By accessing the dedicated area you can manage your own groups and teams according to our preferences, choosing the members with the characteristics we prefer most. They will be divided into tabs containing i skill levels and cost required by each member.

Each specialist instead it is associated with cards that must be inserted in the appropriate slots. The roles of Mechanic, Engineer, Agent, Meteorologist, Physiotherapist and Financial Director will be present as specialists.

Everyone will present a level of fatigue and, if they reach 0, they will stop being part of our team in automatic. You will need to handle it well the substitutes to prevent this from happening and use the “Rest” event to recover the fatigue bar.

Inside theofficina you have a way to organize your own events calendar, being able to set activities during the days of preparation before the championship. In those days it will be possible rest or choose to train.

Then there will be Builders tests, which will be useful to improve your own reputation tointernal team or delle car companies, historical competitions on board of legendary cars, or even events in extreme conditions, where it is necessary to drive the vehicle as far as possible heavily damaged and in weather conditions not favorable.

There is also a skill tree which branches into specialist areas where it is possible to increase the following fields: team, team, performance and reliability.

Technical sector

Unlike the predecessor in this chapter we will end up with 102 routes to go, set in 14 different countriesThis time we would have more choice to manage ours machine settings, even if they will still turn out slightly limited.

The feeling in the hand is now much more da simulation compared to the previous ones, with a improved physics and that does not leave unpunished errors made in the race. In fact even a simple jump badly adjusted will be able to make us lose the control of the car.

Il weather it will greatly affect the outcome of the race, affecting the maneuverability of the vehicle.

Il technical sector results one of the few points a disfavor of the game, starting with 30 FPS version PlayStation 4 and a environmental graphics not too much attention to detail; among the defects we add one visual depth limited, which can often cause problems during the routes.

Summing up

The product created by the guys from Kylotonn it turns out to be an attempt well done in improving the formula of WRC, starting with a improved physics and career mode with some management aspects to appreciate.
The piloting system gives a feeling better compared to the previous chapter, making it pleasant to drive.

Too bad for the graphics sector which, also in this chapter, quality flaw.

Overall he will be able to be pleased by the various Rally fans and not, proving to be a chapter much more compelling than the previous ones.

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