WoW Guide: Getting Started Guide to the Best Addons

If you want to give an extra gear to your just started adventure on World of Warcraft, surely you have heard about the Addons. If you don't know what it is yet and you want a hand in choosing the best ones, in this guide we will show you all those that a good WoW player can't do without.

What is an Addon?

Similar to the mods of other games like Skyrim or Fallout, Addons are user-created programs that change the look of the game or in many cases add features that optimize its performance. There are plenty of sites to download them from, but the easiest and most straightforward way is to install Twitch's desktop app by clicking on the appropriate entry at the top left. Once installed click Mod and select WoW from the menu from there you will have access to a search bar to find your Addons, the app will download and install them automatically. Below is a list of the main Addons used by most players:

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Clearer than that!

An essential Addon to deal with the bosses in World of Warcraft, thanks to its interface and DBM audio alerts us between when the boss will launch a certain skill or if we are victims of some curse or if we simply have to move from a certain area of the game during the fight.

Skada Recount

The results of the last raid we made.

Having an accurate count of the damage or treatment we are doing with our character is essential to better understand whether you are doing a good job and making the best use of your class.

WeakAuras 2

The settings menu.

In order to make the best use of your character, you need to know how long it takes to recover your skills. WeakAuras 2 allows us to create custom interfaces that allow us to keep track of recovery times, buff and debuffs on our character and resources.


Put the details in order.

If you are not at all satisfied with the basic game interface with ElvUI you can create one yourself from scratch by positioning and formatting action bars, chats and group names.


Cure without stress.

Thanks to this Addon healing your allies becomes a piece of cake! Set your skills on the mouse keys or a combination of clicks and keyboard, then simply click on the boxes containing the names and vital bars of your companions to heal quickly and effectively.


And the curse is gone.

A small Addon that usually supports Healbot in the treatment making it more immediate and intuitive to cast spells to remove curses or harmful effects.


Who's pissing off the boss the most?

If instead you've chosen to be in the front line with a tank it's important to know how much you've really attracted the attention of the boss and with an operation similar to Skada, Omen will signal you with a numerical value the degree of Threat that you will have respect to the icon you're facing.

A sea of Addons

Those listed in this guide are just a few, if not the most useful, present on the web there are equally useful as Bagnon that reduces to a single inventory your bags or other fun as the one that inserts the iconic "WOW!" by Owen Wilson among your audio files.

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