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We could say that the Worms series is one of the most enduring franchises in the world of video games. A series of games that began in the mid-90s and until day have fun d ehoy to thousands of people. He brain original of the beast was Andy Davidson and in first time is made a small video game next to a group of friends until saw that the project really could give much more than itself. IN first time was going to be a video game in which nagging to tanks until Andy, insisting, decided to change an of them things that characterized undoubtedly to the saga, change those tanks by worms that would take forms different. Beginning of worm games In the hope that a Distributor is set your game Andy showed his game on European Computer Trade Show, where Team17 team set in their game. Thanks to this Andy published their videogame Worms in the platform Amiga in 1995 under the name of Worms in 1995. When the series began to be more popular is decided to launch on pc, mac, game boy and megadrive more also platforms with an impact more strong as Nintendo 64 and Playstation.

Worms 2 and 3 Apk

After the great success of the first Worms also came in the years following Worms 2, this time with designs slightly more casual and weapons more original and bizarre, the culmen, and for many players the best videogame, came after this entitled as Worms: Armageddon, a video game that introduced battles more strategic and with weapons much more advanced besides the Armageddon , an explosion that did change the point of view of the heading doing that all had only a point of life and that in each shift the level of water rise.

The step to the 3D

After these 3 classic saga main appreciated Worlds Worms Party, very similar to the third worms and for some players lacking innovation and additives. It was the prelude to what would come later to the 3D step of the saga, with the same system but with a very different gameplay already now targeting system and movement was different to be in 3-d locations. In this case we had Worms 3D and Worms Forts: Under Slege, almost identical in gameplay. The two latest installments in 3D were Worms 4: Mayhem and already for the last generation Worms Ultimate Mayhem, whose game included a compilation of previous games in 3D.

Worms in laptops

After that Team17 decided to also take Worms portable returning with it much more classic 2D combat system and a great success both for the classical public as well as by the more casual public on PSP and Nintendo DS, as well as attract the attention of another public as the Wii with a delivery also cut more than classic but using the wii remote. In addition, also comment that have left many games based on worms free to PC and mobile.

Success in the Worms series

In addition to all these titles the Worms series has also explored other types of genres as it is the Pinball or golf to attract more people to its saga but with not much success, as opposed to the last of the saga so far Worms Dagoberto, who returns to the beginning of the series and even a today new videogames are still taking either ports or remasterisations in other devices and consoles , pc's in the worms series and it's a saga that is still totally active and having fun to thousands of players.

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