World of Warcraft Guide: How to Level Up Fast

Since the advent of patch 7.3.5 many players have felt bewildered by the new global scaling system, which takes mobs and missions to the next level with us. Many have experienced a slowdown in the progression of the levels but thanks to this guide you will be able to get to the level cap in the shortest possible time.


The seller of Cimeli in Sepulcra.

These items are suitable for those who are leveling a second or third character (in ALT jargon) due to their high cost. With a complete set you can earn an experience bonus of 50% and by collecting 35 you will get the Cimeli Collector feat that will provide you with a usable mount already at level 1. The memorabilia can be purchased from Estelle Gendry in Sepulcra (or Orgrimmar if you have finished the introductory scenario of Battle for Azeroth) or from Krom Braccioforte in Forgiardente.

[04/08] War mode

Patch 8.0 has introduced War Mode, activating it will enter PvP allowing players from the opposite faction to attack you. If you're brave enough to tackle your adventure with this additional risk you'll get 10% more experience from killing monsters and completing missions.

Level 1-58

With the release of the patch all the initial zones of the various races are now level 1-20, so we recommend you make the most of these zones until you reach level 20, we're talking about:

  • Durotar.
  • Mulgore.
  • Teldrassil.
  • Brumazure Islands.
  • Tyrisfal glades.
  • Cantoeterno Woods.
  • Dun Morogh.
  • Elwynn Forest.

Then move into the areas that were once marked as level 10-20 now 10-60 as:

  • Azshara.
  • Rivafosca.
  • Crimson Bruma Island.
  • Spectral Lands.
  • Forest of Pinargento.
  • Loch Modan.
  • Western Brands.

Trying to make the most of the areas listed above and performing all the available missions you will reach approximately level 53/54 and move to the neighboring areas with minimum level 20 to make the last levels.

The main reason to stay tied to the initial areas is that the missions in these areas are designed for those who didn't have a mount, so they are very close together and you won't have to waste time going back and forth to deliver them.

The only exception is the Northern Savannahs, which are generally to be avoided due to many slow escort missions.

Level 58-80

Thanks to the scaling it is possible to skip entire game areas that's why at 58 we will go directly to Nordania completing missions in the areas in the order shown below:

  • Echoing Fjord.
  • Dracombra.
  • Bradi Hills.
  • Sholazar Basin.
  • Tundra Borealis.

Level 80-90

Also here we will leave Pandaria and dedicate ourselves to the Cataclysm areas that are designed for a constant use of the flying mount and therefore faster execution. The choice of areas in which to level is quite free provided that we exclude Uldum which has many cinematic and "slow" missions.

Level 90-100

For both the Horde and the Alliance there will be a vendor outside the entrance to our command center.

As soon as you have built your garrison on Draenor make a nice stockpile of Excessive Quick Learning Potion to receive a 20% experience bonus for an hour. Take care of the missions in the various areas by taking care to find the hidden treasures and complete the bonus objectives that will be offered to you during your exploration of the Draenor wilderness.

Level 100-110

Here we are on the Missing Islands of Legion, here it's all about enjoying the content with the artifacts and class enclaves. Complete your missions and foil the Legion's invasions, the 110 is waiting for you there!

Level 110-120

We finally reach the areas of Battle for Azeroth, here Horde and Alliance will momentarily divide into the two new islands Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Let's see in what sequence it is worth facing the zones:


  1. Vol'dun
  2. Nazmir
  3. Zuldazar

Vol'dun is one of the most complex areas of BfA but the quests are well connected to each other and using the equipment obtained in Legion you will have an easy life at least up to level 115.

Nazmir collects several monsters in small areas allowing a rapid ascent to 117.

Zuldazar is the simplest in terms of missions but the most particular in terms of layout with its ziggurats and channels. Holding it last you will already be connected with the main points of interest for the end game.


  1. Drustvar
  2. Thundering Singing Valley
  3. Tiragarde Bay

The reasons for this order are similar to the Horde side.

Of course, always keep an eye on bonus targets, rare monsters and treasures for extra experience.

The fight can wait

During our climb to level 120 you will also unlock the War Campaign missions to establish our outposts on the territories of the opposite faction. We recommend you do these missions at level 119 and with the War Mode deactivated (only on this occasion) to complete them quickly and without interruption.


Of course, the expeditions have also been adapted with global scaling, making them more challenging even at low levels, they are no longer the fastest solution for fast leveling. However, it is advisable to complete the quests you get at the beginning of a new expedition and to queue up as Healer or Tank (if your class allows it) to shorten the waiting time. Always use Assaulter specialization when doing missions in the outside world.


I hope that this short guide will help new and old players to reach the end game content as soon as possible and that you will appreciate this revolutionary update that gives a minimum meaning to the game at lower levels.

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