World of Kings - All Tricks for Android and iOS

Trick World of Kings s | War rages on. The shadow of the Black Dragon looms over the entire planet of Ideon, you must light the flame of hope to rid the world of endless darkness. Take up arms against this mighty threat and become the long-awaited savior.

World of Kings is an exciting mobile MMO where you have to create your own hero, choosing from four races, each with its own story. Nine classes with twenty-seven unique specialties are available.

Take on dozens of dungeons with multiple difficulty levels and get legendary equipment from dungeons. There's also a PvP mode in World of Kings which you fight in real time to claim ultimate glory.

In this guide, we propose the tricks for Android and iOS that will help you face your first hours of play. We'll give you some useful tips and tricks that will allow you to speed up the development of your character to get to the final victory.

How to download World of Kings | To download WoK, go to -> Google Play | App Store.

World of Kings | All the Tricks to Win

Choose your starting class carefully

There are many more classy options in World of Kings there than you might be used to, with nine to choose from. These range from Standard Warriors to the Dark Wise, the least popular class in titles like this. All of these classes force you to take a completely different approach, so choosing one is less simple than you might imagine. We recommend that you spend some time in the "Preview Class" section as it will give you a general idea of how your character will perform in the game. Each character also has three secondary classes in which they can evolve up to level 40, which helps them specialise in a particular role. Don't get too crazy about choosing your race, as it seems to be completely cosmetic tinsel.

Search as many quests as possible to complete

The first thing you should do is get the quests and you can do this by tapping the mission information on the left of the screen. This will start a series of automatic quests that will give you information about the plot of the game and provide you with a lot of experience and equipment to get off to a good start in the first few hours. In the end, you'll be ready for the advanced content.

Try playing every day

If you're serious about making progress World of Kings , we highly recommend that you try and play every single day, even if you only play for a while. We recommend, as a minimum, that you get the daily gifts guaranteed only by accessing the app, but you'll also need to complete daily content, including dungeons, this and anything else that will reward you every day.

Improve your skills and set the attack priority

Once you reach level 15, you can upgrade your skills to improve their effects. It is a very reliable method to increase effectiveness in combat outside of level up and search for new equipment. We also recommend that you set an attack priority, which means choosing your skills that will be triggered automatically during battles. This allows you to choose a wide range of attacks to unleash at any time.

Play your role

During team combat situations, we highly recommend that you play your role. When you select a class, you can see the role you will have to fulfill. If you're a tank, be a tank. Focus the pressure of enemies from weaker healing classes on you. If you're a healer, keep your party alive. While most classes can somehow be multi-role, you will always be stronger and more effective when you play the role of the class you have selected.

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