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World heroes it's a fighting video game developed by the Japanese software house Alpha Denshi for one of the most powerful consoles of the time, the Neo Geo

This video game premiered in July 1992 was released in the years in which beat'em up 1 vs. 1 were the most popular, in full style Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Art of Fighting, just to name some of the most famous. World Heroes has enjoyed good success with audiences and critics, even if it does not reach the levels of the games just mentioned.
Its main innovation was certainly the mode Deathmatch, with the meeting taking place in an arena full of objects and obstacles. The wrestlers that can be selected come from different historical eras, thanks to the prodigious time machine invented by the scientist Brown, or at least this is what tells the story of the video game.

Both the scientist's name and the time machine element seem to be inspired by the film Back to the Future. All in all World Heroes is a more than good game that certainly satisfies lovers of the genre. We also remind you that this game also has a version for SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


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World Heroes - Neo Geo cheats and codes

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