Wonder Boy in Monster Land - Master System cheats

Wonder boy in monster land is a well-known video game of the platform genre, the second chapter of the beloved series of videogames starring the blond Wonder Boy.

Realized by SEGA as an arcade in 1987 and also released for Sega Master System, this episode differs from the first chapter of the series for the more marked presence of typical elements of an RPG. This element, unusual for the time, made Wonder Boy in Monster Land a real cult. Our protagonist arrives in Monster Land totally naked; here he meets a soothsayer who is actually a boar. In fact, in Monster Land the animals have their own shops, all in a very fascinating fantasy-medieval setting.
Wonder Boy he must collect gold coins and sacks containing money, left by the enemies who are gradually eliminated. With this money, the boy can go to the various shops in the kingdom and buy everything he needs to accomplish his feat: from weapons to armor, passing through objects and power-ups of various kinds. Also interesting are the mini-quests that aim to find essential objects to finish the video game.


Enter the following codes to unlock the Level Selection.
Press DOWN + START at the title screen, then press UP to select the starting level. The trick only works on the European version of the game.

Plug in the second controller and, after collecting the sword in the first level, press PAUSE 73 times. Each will give you 45 gold pieces, which is a great way to buy items.

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