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Internet is used for many things, among others, for prizes of all kinds. There are lots of pages to win free prizes and we could divide them into two groups: the pages where you have to register and participate in raffles and the pages in which you must collect points while testing the different offered games . The result is always the same: the player wins free prizes. In addition, the gift is already established, so the prize isn't something you need like gems Clash of Clans or points for other games, or your favorite music and movies.

Win free prizes One of the problems of trying to get prizes and rewards by playing raffles is the difficulty to be the winner, as there are several participants. Logically, more participants, less chance of winning. So we can visit websites to win free prizes playing, but they also have their pros and cons: it is easy to get the prize and many times we can choose it, but we invest many hours in playing at the computer to get the necessary points to take the gift.

Win free prizes by playing

As mentioned before, there are plenty of pages to play games and to win free prizes, but we want to be more practical and, rather than staying on the computer, we will see how we can win free prizes by playing from our mobile or tablet. You'll be able to play at any time, for example while waiting to get the metro, on the bus or during TV ads. And here it is the best app called Gums Up. Why the best? Because the user of this app not only can win free prizes by playing: there are also lots of other actions. We all know that you want to make money by playing free games, so we started there. Once you've installed the app (available for Android and iOS, and in both cases it is free) you can see the option "Win gums". Among the applications offered in the app to get those points -the gums exchangeable for prizes- you can find different games or surveys to start making gums. Of course, pay attention to the description to meet the requirements of the game.

Win free prizes for Mexico

In addition to using the apps, you can also get gums by watching ads, participating in different surveys or inviting your friends to join Gums Up. Now you know that you can win prizes for free on internet with Gums Up and you know how... but what are those prizes? You can have a look at the gifts section and you will discover that you can get money for PayPal, books, games, PSN cards, Google Play gift cards , Amazon cards or iTunes cards... And yes, you can choose the prize you want!

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