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Wild Arms it's a RPG video game developed in 1996 by Average. Vision and originally released in Japan in 1996 for Sony PlayStation. It arrived in North America in 1997 and in Europe instead only in 1998.

The videogame is not known only for being one of the first RPGs to appear on PS1, but also for being one of the very few games of this genre in western theme. Wild Arms gameplay is classic RPG gameplay and the plot takes place in the fantasy world of Filgaia. The protagonists are rogues, called "Dream catchers”Who wander in search of adventures and fortunes.
The absolute protagonist is Rudy, a boy who has the ability to control powerful gun-like weapons (ARMs), forgotten by an ancient civilization. Rudy's companions are Jack and Cecilia, who must use their skills to prevent the demons from taking control of the world and upsetting it. 

In Wild Arms, therefore, 3 characters are controlled: Rudy, Jack and Cecilia. The view is two-dimensional with a top-down view and the enemies, as in many other games of the same genre, appear randomly. Characters develop and progress by earning experience points at the end of each battle, thus increasing their level. By giving them more and more powerful magic and techniques they will be able to face the demons and bosses who will become stronger and stronger. Weapons can also be upgraded.

The password for the Temple of Remembrance is "Emiko".

During a battle, insert the second controller into slot 2. This will allow Player 2 to participate in the fight.

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