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Where to find Pokemon - Places and Maps divided by type - General rule to find Pokemon: The first and most important rule to find Pokemon is to change the place you are looking for. Walking always in the same areas will hardly lead you to a rapid growth of your level and an enrichment of different Pokemon. To give you a very clear example: we went to a seaside resort, about 180 km from the usual place where we play. Not even a shadow of Dodou, against the usual dozens per day. Above all: in just two days and a few hours of play (about 5 hours) we found over 20 different types of pokemon that we had never caught before. This is the most important signal that shows how important it is to move around to complete the game faster. Not all Pokemon can be found in all places and at all times of the day. One of the most important features of Pokemon Go is precisely this: the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment and perfectly contextualize what our position is with the Pokemon to capture. This guide shows you where to find the most likely Pokemon fire, water, earth, grass, rock, electro, beetle, dragon, goblin, fight, poison, ghost, ice, psycho, flying, steel, darkness. Each type of Pokemon can be found in different places and places as realistic as possible. It is not uncommon to find water Pokemon near rivers and ghost pokemon in cemeteries. We have created this schematic list where you can see the most likely locations where to find the pokemon divided by typology.

  • - NORMAL Pokemon-> The easiest to find, very often they are close to you, in the neighborhood or otherwise nearby.
  • - FIRE Pokemon->Usually you can find them in residential areas, beaches or places with dry climate.
  • - Pokemon type WATER-> They guard watery areas. We recommend you to look for them near rivers, streams, lakes but also ports and beaches.
  • ICE Pokemon -> Do you live in very cold areas or where it snows a lot? Do you live in very cold areas or where it snows a lot? Then don't worry: ice pokemon live near grasses and spots with water, you can find them basically everywhere.
  • - Pokemon type GRASS -> They can be easily found in green areas: Parks, Villas, Gardens, Woods.
  • - Pokemon type ROCK -> Can be found in places with a lot of industrial or urban agglomeration such as: shopping centres, railway stations, buildings under construction etc.
  • - Pokémon of type EARTH -> Can be found near ditches, water lands, parking lots, playgrounds, train stations, urban roads
  • - Pokemon of type ELECTRO -> They can be found in places with a lot of concrete, they have a distribution similar to rock. You can find them in industries, schools, public buildings, etc..
  • - Pokemon of type COLEOTTER -> They have a location similar to pokemon of type grass, you can find them in forests, woods, parks, lawns, gardens and villas.
  • Flying Pokemon type -> This type of Pokemon is very common in areas with nature reserves and forests.
  • - Pokemon of type DRAGON -> They are not very easy to find: they are usually located near points of interest: monuments, parks or whatever is marked on the map as a point of interest. In that case be very careful because a DRAGO pokemon could appear at any time!
  • Pokemon type PSICO -> Pokemon type PSICO can be found in residential areas (especially at night), hospitals and surroundings, sometimes grassy areas.
  • Pokemon type FOLLETTO -> They are also not easy to find. You can find them more easily in cemeteries, churches and in general in the places of interest marked on the map.
  • Pokemon of type LOTTA -> These pokemon are easily found near places where you do sports: gyms, stadiums, sports centers, swimming pools, etc.!
  • Pokemon of type VELENO -> They do not have a precise location. They seem to appear mostly in areas with water, or humid comuqneu and close to large buildings. (editor's note: let us know where you usually find them).
  • Pokemon of type SPECTRO -> These Pokemon go out mainly at night. You can find them more easily near cemeteries and churches.
  • Pokemon STEEL -> This type of Pokemon is easily found near rails, very large structures, factories, and places with steel in general.
  • Pokémon type BUIO -> They're not in the game, but there is a code that reveals their existence. They will be available, when introduced, around cemeteries, theaters, and cinemas.


    WARNING: Collaborative online maps have been created, where everyone can indicate on the map the city and the exact point WHERE THE POKEMONS MEET! These maps are collaborative and it is possible for everyone to add some signalling. The maps are based on google maps so it's very easy to find your location or a location we want to report. There are two maps at the moment that go for the most:

    1) Pokemapper Some are using it, in fact several Pokemon have been inserted with the date when they were seen and the type of Pokemon captured. This map is dedicated only and exclusively to POkemon reporting. Being a collaborative map anyone can add their own sighting. If everyone used it it would become really important!

    2) PokeGo World Another interactive map more complete than the previous one. Gymnasiums and PokeStops are also reported and the graphics are more pleasant. Also here anyone can start reporting their own Pokemon sightings with date and place and also POkestop and gyms!

    The same functionality we saw in the two sites above we can also find it in another APP that has the same function to offer a collaborative map to report possible Pokemon Go appearances. The app is called Poke Radar for Pokemon Go and you can download it on IOS and Google Play stores.

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