Where to find all the Seeds of Greed [SPOILER] - Persona 5 Royal

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In this guide we will tell you about the so-called Seeds of Greed, of the unpublished collectibles of Person 5 Royal that you can find inside the various Palaces of the game and that will allow you to access various bonuses that will help you in the adventure.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!

What are the Seeds of Greed

The Seeds of Greed are skull-shaped objects born as a result of the numerous distortions that occur within Palaces.

If you get three seeds, they will unite in a so-called Crystal of Craving, which can later be traded with the NPC Jose to get a powerful accessory called Ring of Greed, which will give anyone who has it two unique skills, one passive and one active.

Where to find them and the bonuses that can be obtained

Inside each of the Palaces we can find three suits, and in the following tables you will find their positions indicated. In case you unfortunately happen to miss any, they may appear randomly in the Memento.

Kamoshida Palace

Madarame Palace

Kaneshiro Palace

Futaba Palace

Okumura Palace

Sae Niijima Palace

Shido Palace

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Person 5 Royal_20200506000338
Person 5 Royal_20200506000356
Person 5 Royal_20200506000407
Person 5 Royal_20200506004237
Person 5 Royal_20200506004503
Person 5 Royal_20200506004546

Takuto Maruki Palace

The ring obtainable from the seeds of greed of this palace will only be usable in New Game +.

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