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When buying Google Play Gift Cards, you have to look if it is valid for our country, especially if it's purchased online. We may get carried away by offers from other countries or we can buy a card in dollar, thinking that by paying less, we will have a card value, but the truth is that that card can not be used in our country and we have lost money.

Where to buy Google Play cards in Spain

There are several shops to buy Google Play gift cards in Spain. For example, in the large stores, in the section of technology products, there are often gift cards for different electronic shops, including Google Play cards. Also in stores specializing in technology they can be find. And, of course, on Internet, in online stores. This is where, before paying, you can be sure that you're buying a google play card for Spain, and not for another country, outside the euro zone. If you want to know the advantages of the Amazon cards, PSN cards and Xbox live cards, read our article.

Where can I buy Google Play cards for Spain via PayPal

If you want to buy google play gift cards by using PayPal money, it is very easy: you just have to select the option to pay with PayPal when making your purchase online. Google Play cards are from different value, so you just have to select the one you need. And if you want to get the Play store cards for free, nothing like paid apps help us to get them. And, the best option you will find, is Gums Up, because it offers PayPal reward money, and also because it allows us to get gift card codes of Google Play for free.

Buy Google Play cards online

With Gums Up you're not really going to buy Google Play cards directly as you take advantage of the rewards and you can get free Play store codes. To use Gums Up is very, very easy. The first thing is to download the app from the Play Store (also can be downloaded from www.gumsup.com), absolutely for free. Then, you just have to open up an account and start earning Gums, the points which can be exchanged for the rewards Gums Up offers to us, as well as PayPal money or Google Play 2016 Gift Cards.

You can also take free gift cards for the App Store, Amazon, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Steam... You choose the one you wish. Winning Gums has no secrets. You can also get Gums inviting friends to use the app, watching trailers or participating in surveys.


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