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Recently the team responsible for bringing some of the most critically acclaimed video games of Sonic, Sonic Team, announced that the coming year again and with more force than ever before. Remember that the Sonic universe was redesigned and that not much printing caused to many people. The most recent game released, Sonic Boom, was heavily criticized by grassroots playable both designs of the characters.

25th anniversary of Sonic This year is the 25th anniversary of the first Sonic and is for this reason that two projects were presented. He first project, developed by SEGA America and PagodaWest Games, is is of a Sonic as those classic, Sonic Mania, with some of them levels that much people lived in the era and that to day of today are of them more played of all them times. A Sonic as many people asked for in 2D, a 2D which was very underrated for a long time as a result of the departure of the 3D but increasingly being most used, especially in independent studies. A video game that will be an ode to the most classic games and will feature spectacular skills and battles against bosses, besides with always characters such as Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails. There is detail in this game we will have scenarios both the first Sonic, Sonic CD, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, clearly, of new scenarios.

Project Sonic

In addition, the second project, named in key as "Project Sonic", by the team who worked on some the modern Sonic most remembered as the Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, appears to be a new adventure, this time in 3D, perhaps more similar to what we had accustomed with the Sonic Adventures of the Dreamcast and is also very remembered by fans of the most emblematic Hedgehog of video games. In the trailer that was shown both the redesign of Sonic and its classic design.

The Sonic past

We have to remember that the prestige of the Sonic saga has gone downhill if we speak in the case of the consoles of the pass and this generation have not obtained an overwhelming success as the seal that was both for the Master System, Megadrive, Saturn and the Dreamcast itself. The gameplay of Sonic has changed with respect to the classic and really the true fans of the Hedgehog demanded to return to the classic.

Sonic on mobile

An essence classic in which is has returned with the aclaparante success in the mobile. We have a game that involves a before and an after in the success of Sonic on smartphones: Sonic Dash. A Sonic very similar to what was the Sonic 3D Adventures, Sonic Colors, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventures, no doubt some of the best seen in 3D games. Sonic Dush collects all the goodness of the most prestigious games and also makes free with the method freemium, so although you get infinite rings Sonic Dash free.

Return to the origins

But if we had that name the most classic Sonic look is the 2D. Games as them three first and the Sonic CD, without place to doubt serve as reference to Sonic Mania equal that also think that games as them previously named in 3D will serve of inspiration for the Project Sonic e even having a best system of cameras and greater speed and spectacular. Project Sonic, similar to Sonic Mania want to go back to the essence, this one we want to be separate, to be faithful to the most basic bases that are a Sonic as it is speed, camera angle, level design, or the spectacular but innovate in something. It has been seen that this Sonic Boom, the latest game in the series, has created a stir, he spoke of Sonic and these ads more, but follow in the path of this release would damage the saga. A title where puzzle, exploration and combat is the main asset of Sonic and his allies can not be said that it is true to what made the famous Hedgehog.

Placing on the market

He Sonic Mania will be released on spring of 2017, just when comes out to the market the Nintendo NX, perhaps is one of them video games that conform its output to the market, as Project Sonic, that also is has scheduled its output for 2017, this time before Christmas. The year 2017 will be a year of congratulations for them lovers of Sonic, both for them more clinging to it classic as to who want something innovative.

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