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We Were Here Together is the third chapter of the saga "We Were Here“, Developed and published by the independent software house Total Mayhem Games.

All games in the series "We Were Here”Must be played in co-op with a friend or with a stranger player, since you will have to work your way through puzzles and puzzles designed specifically to be solved in two.

The main objective of the third chapter remains unchanged from the previous chapters: you will have to escape from a strange castle.

It will be successful Total Mayhem Games with this third chapter to surpass the previous ones? Find out in our review.

Strangely, we always end up inside a castle

We Were Here Together presents a good amount of puzzles, leading the game to have an effective duration of 6 hours.

This is the first game in the saga that allows players to get together in the first puzzle, thus helping them to feel comfortable in case they are not familiar with the series.

After the conclusion of the first enigma everything will return as in the previous chapters, dividend the two players and forcing them to exchange information through the walkie talkie.

They will not be the only novelties present: it will also be possible to take more than one object from the inventory to tackle increasingly complex puzzles, finding himself sometimes even using 4 objects at the same time, all necessary for solving the puzzle.

In general, therefore, every puzzle will be intriguing and well thought out, even if in some sporadic cases we found ourselves in front of solutions that they didn't make any logical sense.

Fortunately, this has happened on a few occasions, not going to ruin their overall quality too much.

However, we found that the method by which the title tries to tell its events is extremely unclear, creating often and willingly more confusion than anything else.

Technical Department

On a technical level, the title does not shine in terms of optimization: i uploads turn out to be too long (also with the patch 1.1.1 recently released) and the game suffers from noticeable drops in frame rate in open spaces (even on high-end PCs).

It is not strange then that the title, in its start-up phase, can crash often and for no apparent reason.

The choice to render has also left us perplexed cannot be deactivated the game's voice chat, creating one audio splitting whenever we were talking with the second player through any voice chat.

Total Mayhem Games has decided not to dare at a graphic level with this title, not deviating much from the previous chapters. A fortiori, therefore, are not justified huge drops in FPS, as they are not present in the other games.

The music does link well to the game world, resulting relaxing and fitting at the right time. The only flaw is the lack of variety in the proposed pieces, which because of this almost always end up repeating themselves in the various proposed scenarios.

In conclusion

We Were Here Together tries to overcome the old chapters and succeeds only in part thanks to the longer duration and the numerous puzzles introduced, getting lost in small problems that put together jeopardize the gaming experience, caused in most cases by bad title optimization.

So, at the moment, we don't feel like recommending it entirely, unless the various problems currently affecting him are not resolved with corrective patches. In this case, it might be good for anyone looking for a short but inspiring one multiplayer adventure.

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