We Happy Few - Survival Guide, Tips and Tricks

We Happy Few is primarily a survival game. You'll need to dig, fight and sneak your way through the dystopian town of Wellington Wells to try to escape. With cops patrolling the dark corners of every island and citizens who can become hostile at any time, especially at the sight of a "snout", you'll need to be careful and play strategically if you want to stay alive. Below are some basic survival tips to help you survive as you wander from one island to another in We Happy Few .

We Happy Few Basic Tips for Survival

Pay attention to your statistics

The most basic aspect of survival in We Happy Few is the management of vital statistics and basic needs. This consists of maintaining a comprehensive health meter and managing levels of hunger, thirst and fatigue to maintain endurance.

There are several ways to restore your health after being injured in We Happy Few . See our guide on how to heal to see what you can do to restore your depleted health.

To alleviate hunger and thirst, of course you will have to eat food and drink, although this may be easier said than done depending on the situation. Make sure you also find a water pump in each area to recharge your water bottle and quench your thirst for a short time.

Bluecurrants are a reliable source of food in the early stages if you're trying to briefly suppress your hunger without getting food poisoning by eating something rotten.

Tiredness can be alleviated by sleeping in your own bed in one of the Safe Homes. Note that while sleep can restore your health and fatigue counters, it can also make you very hungry or thirsty afterwards, so keep your food and drink for after a nap.

Collect everything

Cleaning up every place you visit to get the resources is an important part of survival in We Happy Few . You will need to collect almost everything, including food, drinks and processing components. It is preferable to prioritize the collection of items that can be used to create consumables that you will often need, such as picks and bandages.

Check your Crafting inventory to see what ingredients you need for the various items so you know what to look for during the exploration phases. Your inventory has a weight limit, which is represented by the Clutter level in your profile within the game menu. You may need to download some processing components into your Pneumatic Stash to free up space.

Collect projects

Speaking of crafting, we recommend that you collect any projects you encounter while exploring. Projects are essentially the creation of recipes that determine which objects you can create.

Once you've collected a project, its recipe will be added to your Crafting list. Keep in mind that some projects are for items that can only be created on a machining table (workbench) or a chemistry set, so you'll need to physically visit these stations to create those items.

Reading books

The books are also very precious objects to collect in We Happy Few . Books can grant passive status bonuses that help improve the general statistics of the characters. For example, the book Iron Lung reduces damage from toxic fog. Make sure to collect and read all the books you find in the game so that you do not lose any bonuses.

Avoid confrontation

While fighting hostile cops and citizens may seem tempting, your best chance of survival in We Happy Few is to try to avoid conflict at all costs. Fighting a hostile enemy can quickly degenerate into more enemies if you're not careful, so it's best to avoid confrontation when possible. In case, read our guide to fighting.

Sneak attacks are a great way to eliminate hostile threats in a non-violent manner. Just be sure to pick up and move the bodies of the unfortunate ones somewhere, hiding them so that no one else is alerted by a lifeless body settling along its path. If you find yourself in a situation where multiple enemies are chasing you, it is best to try to escape as quickly as possible. Make sure to keep your stamina levels high, just in case.

Obtain resources by digging

During the exploration phases keep an eye on the notes on the digging points, which direct you to the location of various landmarks throughout the map. Excavation points are small piles of earth with a treasure chest that often contains valuable items such as blueprints, books or crafting materials.

An excavation point will appear on the map with a shovel symbol after obtaining the corresponding note, so be sure to visit them as soon as possible to collect items that are very useful for survival.

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