Watch Dogs Legion: Trophies and Achievements Guide

The first game for the platinum

Watch Dogs: Legion is a fast-paced action-adventure game. In it you are not going to find any trophies that you can lose and it will not force you to complete a lot of games to get the platinum. With these features, the task will be much easier. Below, we show you how to get it step by step in a very fast way.

The main trophies for Watch Dogs: Legion

First of all you are going to have to complete your first mission in the game. Once you've done that, it's time to choose your first operative. To do this you will be presented with a list of operatives that is randomized and will appear to each player in a different way. Your choice will make no difference, but the smartest thing to do is to choose an operative with good weapons and upgrades, which will get you off to a good start. Furthermore, if you have the possibility to choose a game designer, a living statue or someone with a paintball gun, don't hesitate to do so. This add-on will help you get some interesting trophies as the game progresses.

It's important that you don't spend money yet, it will be useful later on to buy clothes. You must follow the story missions, they start automatically one after the other in a linear fashion, so you won't have many problems and you won't get off track if you get carried away. There will come a point where you will have to choose between two different stories, here you can act as you please. The choice you finally make in some chapters won't have an impact on getting the trophies you want.

What will help you is accepting side quests when you see them. You don't need to do them at this point, but some people will give you various quests and you'll need to talk to them to get access, so make sure you always do so to have everything ready for the next part. These missions can be completed with any operative so you can enjoy the game without worrying about recruiting anyone or choosing specific operatives. In some very specific ones, the game itself will automatically take you to new operatives. You'll have the same ease with tech gadgets, you won't need them and you'll be able to choose them as you please.

You'll finish the main story in about 10 to 12 hours and in this first step you'll have earned the trophies shown below.

A New WorldThis

trophy is obtained by completing the mission that appears in the prologue of the game. It is related to the main story and is about Operation Westminster.

A Bright FutureFor

this trophy you will need to complete the 404 story which is part of the main storyline.

Long Live the QueenIn

this case you will also have to tackle a story related to the main story, to get this trophy you will have to complete the Kelley's story.

When the good guys do nothingTo

get this trophy you will have to complete the Albion story, also in the main story.

Making friendsHere

you must complete the main mission We Can Begin and then recruit an agent, this can be done by starting a recruitment mission for a character of your choice and completing it successfully.

Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, SpyThis

trophy will be obtained by completing the SIRS story.

Divided, We FallThis

trophy is achieved by completing the DedSec storyline.


get this trophy you will have to make a district revolt, which you can do automatically during the Bugle Call main mission. Specifically, you will liberate the Camden district.

The Watch Dogs: LegionIn addition

to the main story you'll have to do some side missions, although it's not going to be necessary to do them all. The most advisable thing to do is to make sure which missions you are going to do, that is to say, check the trophy list and choose one or the other.

You'll also need to access the Red Icon missions you'll see clearly on the map to turn all the neighborhoods into a Rebel state, although you may have achieved this in the course of the main story. You'll gain some useful new operatives for the cleanup part of the game.
In this second step you are going to get the following trophies.

Just in TimeTo

get this trophy you will have to complete Change of Appearance, in a side mission of Kaitlin.

The One Who Got AwayYou'll

need to complete the Looking for Bagley side mission to get this trophy and it's available in DedSec's lair, once you've completed the main story.

England for EveryoneTo

get this trophy you are going to find a side mission from Hamish called Parks and Reclamations, you will have to complete it.

A Roof Over Your HeadIn

this case you'll have to complete the side mission Royal Treatment which you'll find in Nowt to get it.

A Dish Served ColdThis

trophy is achieved by completing a Revenge Mission. During gameplay in Watch Dogs: Legion some of your agents can be kidnapped, something that happens randomly. When one of your agents has been kidnapped they will appear as "Missing" in the team tab and you will also receive a notification informing you of this. A mission will then be activated in the secondary section so that you can rescue him.

You can provoke this kidnapping in some way, this can be achieved by looking for a character in the street who doesn't like DedSec, you'll be able to tell because they have a red thumbs down. When you have located them, save them in recruits and check their agenda with the Unlockable skill Exhaustive Analysis. With this you will be able to see people who are important to that character. You will need to track down the location of that important person and assassinate them to make the character hate DedSec, which will be shown by two red thumbs up, and then you will increase the chances of one of your agents being kidnapped.

You will have to complete one of these revenge missions for the first time. They are a bit different, vary for each character and have no stipulated time limit. What you will have to do in any case is try to track down your kidnapped agent and successfully rescue him.

Reclaim LondonTo

get this trophy you will need to get all the districts to rebel. To do this you have to complete all the rebellion objectives for each of the 22 boroughs and the final mission for each one, with the exception of Camden. The 7 districts that you are going to have to rebel are:

City of London

Rebellion Activities: Sabotage, photograph evidence and hack ctOS switchboard.
Liberation Mission: Mind Games.

City of Westminster

Rebellion Activities: Disrupt propaganda and rescue freedom fighter.
Liberation mission: Like clockwork.

Islington and Hackney

Rebellion activities: Sabotage, neutralize VIPs and gather evidence.
Liberation mission: Fight or flight plan.


Rebellion Activities: Digitally disgrace, photograph evidence, and disrupt propaganda.
Liberation Mission: On Wheels.

Nine ElmsRebellion Activities

: Sabotage, neutralize VIP and photograph evidence.
Liberation Mission: Battersea Black Hole.

SouthwarkRebellion Activities

: Photograph evidence, sabotage, digitally disgrace and hack ctOS switchboard.
Liberation Mission: Information Overload.

Tower HamletsRebellion activities

: Neutralize VIP, gather evidence and rescue freedom fighter.
Liberation Mission: Distraction on Wheels.

Watch Dogs secondary trophies and collectibles: LegionTo

finish you will have to do all the secondary activities and collectibles. The latter are, for example, the Graffiti, shipping goods, Drinking and Darts. Here you will come up with the following trophies:

DedSec DeliveryFor

this trophy you will have to complete 20 Parcel Fox delivery missions. You must look for the Parcel Fox icons all over the city, you will recognize them because they are blue. They are orange courier booths that also often have their own motorbikes around. You will have to complete 20 delivery missions to get it which are based on going from one point to another.


you want to get this trophy you will have to drink at least once in each drinking location. It involves drinking alcohol in the 26 locations you'll find for it, specifically they are arranged in the bars of the bars. To make sure you get this trophy it's best to always do it with the same character.

Endurance WorksIn

this case you will have to complete the street art in each street art location, in the 47 locations that are all over London. For this trophy it's also important to make sure you do it all with the same character, otherwise there may be errors when it's counted and you won't get the achievement.


get this trophy you will have to complete all the dart games found in all 21 locations. It's another trophy where it's convenient to use the same character at all times, and in this case it doesn't matter if you win or lose them.

If you've done all of this successfully, you'll just have to concentrate on getting the trophies you're missing and you won't have any problems, as the platinum is quite simple.

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