Watch Dogs : Guide to Trophies and Achievements

The universe Watch Dogs is rich and full of secrets to reveal, missions and submissions to complete, people and objects to find. Unraveling this dense network created by Ubisoft is not easy, so we at are pleased to offer you the most complete guide you Watch Dogs can find on the web!
Are you ready to totally hack the city? Well, you've come to the right place!

Family man
Complete Act 1.

Who's Raymond Kenney?
Complete Act 2.

Minus one, one more
Complete Act 3.

Complete Act 4.

Complete Act Five.

Unlock all the skills in the skill tree.

End of the line
Complete 40 fixer contracts.

Ugly guy
Complete all gang hideouts.

They called him the vigilante
Complete all the investigation.

Complete all invasions of privacy.

Road Fury
Complete all criminal convoys.

I'll make a note of that.
Make 100 enemies.

Free radical
Escaping the police in a level-5 chase.

White Rabbit
Escape the police in 15 scans. On some missions, or when someone will police for an offence committed by you, law enforcement will start a scan with yellow circular areas on the map. The police scan will last a few seconds, escape their search by staying out of the yellow area without being tracked. Go through this process 15 times to get the trophy.

Escape the police on a level 5 scan. Follow "White Rabbit", the only difference is that you'll have to get a level 5 alert first.

Triple hacker
Kill 3 enemies with one IED. The IED is a potenizata bomb, to get it you will have to buy the grenade upgrade in the skill tree. I recommend you try it in a mission with many enemies, you just need to attract 3 neighbors and blow them up, much easier if you unlock the manual detonation IED instead of the proximity one.

Check into all Hotspots. Unlock all ctOS Antennas to see all Hotspots on the map, marked with a small V.

Disk Space Out of Stock
Unlock all songs with the SongSneak app.

Total Hacker
Successfully invade and hack 10 enemy fixers in an online hack.

Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy fixers in an online stakeout.

Complete all ctOS hacking.

Invisible Cookie
Complete an online stakeout without being detected.

Receiving you loud and clear
Unlock all ctOS antennas.

Neutralize Maurice. At the start of the game, shoot Maurice in the head.

Riot Control
Use the crime detection system to neutralize 20 confirmed criminals.

Dangerous collision
Perform 10 vehicle neutralisations. After unlocking the ability to blow up road ducts, thanks to the skill tree, you can instantly neutralize vehicles that pass over manholes. Eliminate 10 to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Short communication circuit
Prevent 10 civilians from reporting you using non-lethal neutralisation. When you take an action... let's say "unorthodox" on the street, some civilians will report you to the police. You'll have just a matter of seconds to chase them and neutralize them with B/Circle, or use Jam Com to disable the phone signal.

Turn off and on
Take part in 5 different games in the city.

Magic smoke

Kill 4 enemies with one concentration. It may seem difficult, but thanks to a little trick you will have a very long concentration. You only need to drink a bottle of beer from any of the bars in town to double your concentration, kill 4 enemies will be a piece of cake and you'll have time to have another drink.

On the run
Escape the police in 15 chases.

Laundry hardware
Shoot a tire on 15 different vehicles. Stand in the middle of a busy intersection, such as the LOOP, and start shooting all the vehicles you see. You will see that after a few minutes you will unlock the trophy / achievement.

The customer is not always right
Complete the last mission of the human trafficking investigation.

Saturday night's weapon

Complete the last mission of the arms-trafficking investigation.

Integrity test
Get the 8 disposable phones.

Read only
Complete the last mission of the QR-code investigation.

The darkness looming
Complete the last mission of the missing persons investigation.

Social glue
Complete level 10 against all 3 opponents of the drinking game.

Complete 10 public races online.

Have them follow you 5 times.

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