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    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Character and Class Guide

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    In Warhammer: Vermintide 2 there are five characters and for each of them we can select three classes. Mastering a class well leads to a lot of changes in your approach to fighting even for the same character. In this guide Warhammer: Vermintide 2 , we'll see what skills you can unlock for each of the three classes that each character has. They are usually divided into two types: career skills and passive skills.

    Each character class also specializes in a particular combat area, for example the Waystalker inflicts heavy ranged damage with her bow and abilities, while the Battle Witch is an excellent choice to drastically reduce the number of Skaven on the battlefield using magical attacks.

    Guide to the characters of Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    Markus Kruber - Empire Soldier

    The imperial soldier, Markus Kruber, is the character you start the game with. He is the easiest to master, but that does not mean that he does not have important skills on the battlefield.

    The soldier named Markus Kruber is the character with whom the mission of the prologue begins. He is generally seen as an "all-round" fighter and is the easiest to master as he has all the weapons and equipment that is easiest to use. Markus Kruber, like all the other characters, has three unlockable classes. The number in brackets indicates the level to be reached to unlock each character class (the first class is the default).


    Mercenary's strong point is hand-to-hand combat. Although he relies heavily on brute force, Mercenary also has a fair amount of ease of movement. The skills of the Mercenary class are as follows:

    • Career Skill - Moral Boost: Markus is able to temporarily increase the health of his companions and stun the nearest enemies.
    • Passive Skill - Paced Strikes: If you hit three enemies with a single slash of your weapon, the attack increases in speed by 10% for 6 seconds. Attacks also pierce enemies and have a better chance of making a critical hit.

    Hunter (7)

    Markus Kruber becomes faster but also more vulnerable. On the other hand, with the Hunter class, the character can use firearms.

    • Career Skills - Hunter's Prowl: For a short time Markus becomes invisible to enemies.
    • Passive Skill - Waste Not, Want Not: If you hit an enemy in the head with a firearm, a bullet is restored. The damage is not affected by the distance from which you hit the enemy. Critical damage is easier to do.

    Jack (12)

    Markus Kruber's power increases making him a true machine of destruction and death, thanks also to his shield.

    • Career Skills - Valiant charge: You can perform a charge that repels opponents.
    • Passive Skill - Protective Presenc: Increases damage resistance. Increases stamina and reduces the damage suffered.

    Bardin Goreksson - Dwarf Ranger

    In fantasy games, the dwarf can't miss. Bardin Goreksson has Veteran Ranger as the main class but can unlock Ironbreaker and Assassin.

    A Dwarf Ranger and already this should be enough to select this character. He prefers ranged attacks but can adopt a less guarded tactic if necessary. His main class is Veteran Ranger, the two subclasses are Ironbreaker and Assassin.

    Veteran Ranger

    The Veteran Ranger specializes in combat from afar, although he has a rather heavy hammer as a backup weapon.

    Bardin Goreksson's Passive Skill is called Survivalist. Special enemies release more ammunition when they die, while Bardin also gets twice as much ammunition carrying capacity and a higher reload speed. This ability is crucial because the ammunition runs out quite often in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 view of the hordes of Skaven coming at us.

    The career skill for Bardin is called Disengage, which allows the Veteran Ranger to throw a smoke bomb on the battlefield, which hides him from enemies as long as he remains in the blanket of smoke. It's a useful skill if you find yourself overwhelmed by Skaven's horde, but keep in mind that it will only work for a very limited time.

    Ironbreaker (7)

    With this subclass, Bardin can act as a tank making life easier for his battle buddies.

    • Career Skills - Impenetrable: Defense increases significantly and allows the character to parry attacks for ten seconds.
    • Passive Skill - Gromril Armour: After every 20 seconds in combat, Bardin absorbs an enemy hit without taking any damage. General damage is reduced, the stamina increases and it is more difficult to be stunned.

    Murderer (12)

    Bardin the Dwarf becomes a full-fledged melee warrior. The axes have no more secrets for him.

    • Career Skills - Leap: With one leap Bardin stuns the enemies. The skill also increases the attack speed.
    • Passive Skill - Trophy Hunte: Attacks are faster and the damage increases with each hit.

    Kerillian - Waystalker

    An elf of the bochi who belongs to the Waystalker class. Skillful at ranged combat and peeling through enemy lines. Kerillian is a very versatile character.

    Kerillian in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is the character who as a base class has Waystalker. Kerillian is a forest elf who specializes in fast and ranged combat. Kerillian has a short sword as a base weapon, but he also has a bow that is much faster in shooting arrows than the Mercenary and Veteran Ranger classes.

    The passive ability for the Waystalker is Amaranthe, which gives her the advantage of regenerating health over time, as well as dual ammunition capacity, increased zoom of the ranged weapon and no reduction in ranged damage.

    Kerillian's career skill is Trueshot Volley, which allows her to shoot a bunch of "search" arrows at enemies in the line of fire.

    Handmaiden (7)

    Kerillian in its Handmaiden "form" can be considered a kind of healer in the same way as Mercy-like "overwatchian" characters. He's a great character to support his allies. It hurts enemies from a distance, uses the spear in close combat, and most importantly, it can't be interrupted by enemies while healing their companions.

    • Career Skills - Dash: Kerillian gets faster and can slip out of the grip of enemies.
    • Passive Skill - The Dance of Season: Kerillian's dodge range increases. Stamina regenerates. You can't be interrupted while you revive an ally.

    Shade (12)

    • Career Skills - Infiltrate: You can use invisibility for ten seconds, but if you attack you become visible again.
    • Passive Skill - Murderous Prowess: When attacking stealthily, damage increases by 50%. If you execute a critical hit behind weaker enemies, they die instantly.

    Victor Saltzpyre - Witch hunter

    The Captain of the Witch Hunters. Victor Saltzpyre can unlock the Bounty Hunter and Zealot subclasses. Skilled in the use of guns.

    If you feel a bit "witcher", then you Warhammer: Vermintide 2 can select Victor Saltzpyre, the Captain of the Witch Hunters. He's a character who can be used from both short and long distance.

    Your basic class is just that, Captain of the Witch Hunters who, like the others, has two skills:

    • Career Skills - Animosity: Fellows who pass close to him are eight seconds more likely to execute a critical shot.
    • Passive Skill - Witch Hunt: When you hit a marked enemy, he suffers more damage. You don't consume resources when Victor makes light attacks frontally. Weaker enemies are instantly eliminated by headshots.

    Bounty Hunter (7)

    With this subclass, Victor becomes more adept with guns and takes possession of heavy armor.

    • Career Skills - Locked and Loaded: Your guns can fire a shot so powerful it can pierce enemies.
    • Passive Skill - Blessed Shots: Each time you complete a hand-to-hand kill or simply wait eight seconds during battle, a critical shot is automatically loaded. Victor can carry twice as much ammunition. Weapons reloading is faster.

    Zealot (12)

    Victor Saltzpyre's Zelota class is perfect for players who love hand-to-hand combat.

    • Career Skills - Holy Fervor: You can perform a forward sprint that increases the attack speed for only five seconds.
    • Passive Skill - Fiery Faith: When Victor loses 25 HP, his strength increases by 5%. When the character suffers a potentially fatal attack, the increased resistance allows him to survive. Enemies cannot stop heavy attacks.

    Sienna Fuegonasus - Bright Wizard

    The most fascinating character of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 . He can use fire spells and among his abilities, if you unlock the Unleashed class, there is that of overloading and exploding doing massive damage to enemies.

    The fifth and final character Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is Sienna Fuegonasus. This character has a normal short sword, but she also has a weapon that allows her to cast fireball spells, a type of attack that you won't find with any other character in Vermintide 2.

    Battle Witch

    Career Skill - Flame Walk: Sienna's Flame Walk ability teleports her forward at short range, leaving a trail of fire.

    Passive Skill - Tranquility: Allows her to increase spell charge speed and damage from a distance, but only if she avoids damage or casting spells for eight seconds.

    The Battle Witch is definitely one of the most destructive classes in Vermintide 2, and you'll probably want to have at least one player selecting Sienna in an online match as she's perfect for confronting hordes of enemies.

    Pyromancer (7)

    • Career Skills - Homing Firespear: Bullets fired with the spell go for the single target.
    • Passive Skill - Critical Mass: Sienna is more likely to make a critical hit. The damage caused by ranged attacks is greater.

    Unleashed (12)

    • Career Skill - Living Bomb: One of the most destructive skills in the game. Sienna goes into energy overload and explodes doing massive damage to enemies.
    • Passive Skill - Blood Magic: When Sienna is hit, 50% of the damage received turns into energy to overload. During overload, Sienna does not slow down during movement. The damage from hand-to-hand attacks increases if Sienna is overloaded.

      Who is the best character in Vermintide 2?

      Vermintide 2: Every Class & Career, Ranked Worst To Best

      1.      Zealot. Most players generally agree that the Zealot is the strongest career in the game right now.

      2.      Ironbreaker. The Ironbreaker is the traditional tank, and he's very good at it. ...

      3.      Shade. ...

      4.      Mercenary. ...

      5.      Handmaiden. ...

      6.      Slayer. ...

      7.      Unchained. ...

      8.      Witch Hunter Captain. ...


      Can you skip Vermintide 2 tutorial?

      Synopsis. The Prologue is a Mission that the player must run through once upon first opening the game. It can be skipped by pressing F2 twice and then exiting to main menu.



      How do I make Vermintide 2 run better?

      1.      Ensure Vermintide 2 Uses the Correct GPU. ...

      2.      Lower Your Video Quality. ...

      3.      Disable VSync (Vertical Sync) ...

      4.      Cap Your Framerate. ...

      5.      Switch Between Borderless Fullscreen/Fullscreen/Windowed. ...

      6.      For Windows 10 Only: Switch Your DirectX Version. ...

      7.      For Windows 10 Only: Disable 'Game Bar' ...

      8.      For NVIDIA GPUs Only: Change Your 'Power Management Mode'



      How do I change classes in Vermintide 2?

      You can change your character in the main menu or during a game when you are inside of Taal's Horn Keep (the starting location). All characters are available right from the start. However, you have to level up to unlock their classes. Reach level 7 to unlock the second class.



      Is the Grail Knight worth it Vermintide 2?

      The base class is definitely worth it. Grail Knight offers a new way to play Ol´ Kruber. He´s strong but has clear weaknesses and provides strong buffs for the whole team. ... The buffs are given to the entire team and are the equivalent to a new talent - for everyone, and there's 3 of them (or 2 boosted).


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