Warframe - Guide to the Orbiter and its features

We are back with the second part of our guide on Warframe to help all those players who try their hand at this adventure for the first time.

Today we will talk to you aboutHUB main game, the spacecraft, or the place where, for one reason or another, we will spend most of our experience on Warframe.

Here we will find everything you need to create and upgrade weapons and Warframes; as well as to access all the various game modes.

The spacecraft can be subdivided in several parts, each with its own segments and functions:

Orbiter upper part

The first "room" is the one in which we will move and here we can find:

Star map: the star map is where we will be able to access all the PVE missions.

It is divided into sectors which can be planets, moons and entire alien bases, connected by connections, which you will later have to unlock.

News segment: In the news section you can find all the posts and the latest articles on how the game is developing and on the changes introduced by hotfixes and new updates.

Conclave: The conclave is where we will be able to access the areas and modalities PVP that the game can offer.

Although it may seem tempting at first glance a PVP in a game as dynamic as Warframe, we highly recommend ignore this segment until everything else is finished.

The cause of this is that they are superficially developed and poorly updated modes, not being the main focus of the game. I am therefore from try just out of curiosity and for some good aesthetics they give, for nothing else.

Mercato: the market is where we can find anything that can be purchased in-game.

If you click on the drop-down menu at the top left, in fact, it will be possible to explore each category of object and possibly buy it.

But don't be fooled by the large amount of items platinum applicants: every weapon and warframe can be obtained in-game without paying a cent, just click in the section at the top right with the icon of credits and buy, using the latter, the scheme you want.

Some weapons and Warframes, however, will not be able to be purchased in this way, and for them the method of obtaining will eventually be specified.

Note: we recommend spending i first platinum in four weapon slots and one for Warframe (44/50), or two Warframe slots (40/50), that way you'll be ready to grab new weapons or warframes should you need them.

Pharmacopoeia: in the Codex you will find all the information you will need about the game, so missions, weapons, Warframes, relics, arcana and very short tutorials on game mechanics and missions.

The only things initially omitted are information on enemies, enemy drops, and locations, but these two will need to be unlocked scannerizzando enemies and fragments of cephalon around the solar map with specific items that can be purchased in the market, the scanners.

Associations: reached the master 4 you will be able to access the associations panel, where you can choose and manage the various factions with which to be an ally or an enemy.

For now they are not important, but later we will pick them up and deepen them.

Orbiter central part

We then have the lower orbiter, where we can build and upgrade all the equipment we need.

Forge: the forge is where you can build weapons, Warframes and many other items.

Everything, to be built, will need one schema and certain pieces, and then it will take the reported time to build (obviously you will have a way to speed up production by spending platinum; so keep the initial ones tight)

Sections Mod: here we will be able to enhance, transmute or dissolve our mods for endo or credits. On the right then there will be the section “Ayatan Treasures, where we can find and manage rare treasures scattered throughout the solar system, the ayatan sculptures.

Incubator: after completing the quest "The howl of the Kubrow”, In the Incubator section it will be possible to grow and manage nice and useful beings, distinguished between Kubrow (dogs) or Kavat (cats), in turn completely customizable.

Arsenal: the arsenal is the section where you will decideequipment to take on a mission, then warframe, primary, secondary, melee weapon, companion, emoticons and supplied items. This is where you will spend the most time customizing your frames however you like.

Reliquie Void Console: in this section it will be possible to view and refine the void relics obtainable in many missions, especially defenses and interceptions; unlockable once the connection for Mars.

Orbiter lower part

Finally, on the bottom of the spacecraft there are 3 rooms, each unlockable proceeding with the plot missions and each of them important, in one way or another, to the advancement of the game.

So, as you can see the spacecraft, despite gave the impression, at first, of being extremely complicated and confusing, it turned out to be intuitive and quite simple to use.

And even today our guide ends here, we will meet again at next chapter.

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