Virtua Racing Mega Drive cheats

Virtua Racing is a driving video game developed in 1992 by SEGA initially as an arcade and then for the console Sega Mega Drive / Genesis and for other platforms, both console and computer.

Virtua Racing was a title innovative in many respects: it is in fact one of the first fully polygonal video games ever and certainly almost all remember the double cabinets that were popular in arcades in those years. The Mega Drive version dates back to 1994 and its price was higher than that of other titles for the same console, as it contained a additional chip necessary to better manage the complex graphics engine of the game.
The success of the public and critics achieved by Virtua Racing was enormous, while the Virtua Racing Deluxe version with 32X expansion was less appreciated, a console which however was sold in "few" units. There is also a version for Sega Saturn that bears the name of Time Warner Interactive's VR Virtua Racing. The game, as can be guessed, was just published by Time Warner.

When the SEGA logo screen appears, press and hold A, B and UP. When the logo flashes and is complete, press and hold START until the demo starts. Release all buttons and press START again and select Virtua Racing in reverse.

To see the complete final sequence, set the game difficulty to “hard” and compete on each circuit, winning them all. You will see the complete ending with all the credits.

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