Vermintide 2: How to Extract and Apply Illusion Weapon

The crafting system in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 it has undergone a revision compared to the previous chapter, but many players are struggling with some additions that are not clear right away. One of them concerns the illusions that can be applied or extracted from weapons.

Illusions seem to confuse players, as their usefulness isn't immediately apparent since it's a randomized ability for weapons. Also, the crafting menu is not the non plus ultra of intuitiveness.

What is an illusion in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 ? Though the name may suggest something amazing and particularly fantasy, the illusion is essentially a removable skin, which allows you to keep the same look as a weapon you like when you upgrade to new versions or switch to a new weapon. Illusions, as simple skins, can be removed or applied.

How to extract or apply an illusion to a weapon

Illusions are moved between objects in the forge, but unfortunately the crafting section of the game is not super intuitive. The menu creates a bit of confusion because it has quite small characters and those who don't want to fiddle around a bit may find it difficult to find what they are looking for.

Once you open the forge menu and select the Crafting table, the player will find a text in the middle of the screen that simply reads 1/7 with two small buttons labeled Next and Previous. Logic tells us to navigate this Spartan menu by changing the numbers with the help of the two buttons.

The crafting menu in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 it's a bit Spartan, but it has created a bit of confusion for players. The numbers are used to select seven different tabs for crafting. The sixth and seventh are for extracting and applying an illusion to a weapon.

Let's do it. The numbers are used to select seven different creation options (the user interface could have been done better).

Click Next until you get to the sixth screen, which is labeled Extract Illusions. From here you can extract the illusion from an object at a cost of 20 rejects (if you don't have any rejects, you have to destroy unwanted objects in the appropriate screen).

If you want to do the opposite, apply an illusion to a weapon, you have to press Next again to get to the seventh screen called Apply Illusion. From there you can apply the illusion to any weapon you have in your inventory and change its basic appearance.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is an illusion in Vermintide 2?

Illusions are a cosmetic charm sometimes found on weapons. Each illusion is unlocked for the account the first time the player gets a weapon with the given illusion. A Weapon with an Illusion will display a unique weapon skin.

How do I use illusion in Vermintide 2?

To apply an illusion to a weapon, make sure your weapon is devoid of any and all minions first and then go to the "apply illusion" tab in the crafting section.

Are illusions reusable in Vermintide 2?

Each item is now saved as a reusable illusion automatically.

How do I add a weapon illusion in Vermintide 2?

Go to the keep, press I, click on crafting and go to the menu "incorporate illusions".

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