Vandal Hearts PS1 cheats and codes

Vandal Hearts it's a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Konami and published by the same software house for Sony PlayStation. The edition for Sega Saturn instead was published by Konami Computer Entertainment Nagoya.

While the PlayStation version was published in Japan, North America and Europe, the one for Sega Saturn was only marketed in Japan. Vandal Hearts is one of the first RPG video games to be made available for 32-bit systems, without forgetting that it is also one of the first Tactical RPGs appeared in the United States. These two factors have made it a small cult against its will, much sought after by collectors.
Given its enormous popularity, the sequel Vandal Hearts II was released, also released for PlayStation. The plot is as follows: millennia ago, a holy man named Toroah the Messiah traveled the length and breadth of the continent of Sostegaria, spreading his teachings throughout the lands. After his death, his descendants took power and founded the Holy Ashah dynasty, which then ruled for centuries and centuries.

A government that is not always fair, which has led the population to exasperation. Fifteen years before the game began, Arris the Wise united the anti-monarchist factions throughout Sostegaria and formed them as a mighty guerrilla army. You will have to find out the rest of the story by playing this beautiful title for PS1.

Reach the secret Vandalier class with Ash and complete the game to get an extra congratulatory message, not included in the standard ending.

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