Vampyr - Collectibles Guide [ Lore Keeper] Trophy

Vampyr guide to collectibles - The world of Vampyr is alive and pulsating and as such full of objects and information to collect. This guide shows where to find all 30 documents in the game that will provide you with additional knowledge about the world of Vampyr and its characters. Collecting all 30 items will lead you to the trophy Lore Keeper.

CAUTION: Due to the semi-open world structure of the game based on player exploration, you may be able to access some items in a different order from the one listed below. In this guide we will show you the exact location where you can find all the collectable Vampyr s so that you can choose the best time to collect them.

Vampyr Collectibles Guide - Where to find the 30 collectibles


1 - Vampire Weaknesses: Fire and Sun
After finding refuge in the building (barricade the door with a shelf), you will find the note on a shelf in the opposite corner of the room.


2 - Priwen's guard: new practices, new tactics
After the bar, the body on the boat and the passage to the other side of the harbor. Look at the corpse consumed by the bloodsuckers you'll find in the second warehouse.

3 - Weaknesses of vampires: on the use of garlic and wooden stakes
On one of the desks in the Thomas Elwood room. On the ground floor of the hospital, look for him with R3.


4 - Vampire species: rare species of vampires
You'll find him in Dr. Edgar Swansea's office on the 2nd floor of the hospital.

5 - The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul: the ban on the dragon
Found it on a body in the sewer section of the hospital.

6 - The need for blood: blood as an addiction
Inside the Whitechapel refuge (east of the Dispensary). Go upstairs and pass one of the red doors marked "KEEP OUT". There is a small room with two enemies in which you will also find the collectible.

7 - Priwen's guard: professional vampire hunters
In the Whitechapel district, on the 2nd floor of Harry Peterson's house. Open the map, the exact location of the parcel is under the letter "C" of the word "Whitechapel".

8 - The origin of Vampires: The ancient figure of Vrykolakas
Check inside the warehouse in Darius Petrescus' house. You will reach him during the main story.


9 - Vampire species: Supremacy of Ekons
When you meet Bridget near the mine, check the room where Harriet is.

10 - The Skals: the origin of Skals
After saving or hugging Sean the collectible is between some boxes outside the wooden enclosure of the night asylum, near a metal gate leading to the "North Docks" region.


11 - The Great Hunt: The Tragedy of the Bloody Night
After a long chat with Ashbury, you will automatically find yourself outside the mansion. Return and go up to the second floor to find the collectable in the room where Lady Ashbury is located.

12 The origin of vampires: the heresy of pure blood
Inside the house of Kimura Tadaos in the West End.

13 - The History of Ascalon: History and Purpose of the Club
Inside the Club of Ascalon, on the ground floor, on the right.

14 - The need for blood: the recreational use of blood
In the basement of the Ascalon Club. You will find the basement key on the 2nd floor.

15 - The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul: The Lost Library
In the drawer on the 2nd floor in Venus Crossley's house in the West End. You can only reach it after visiting the Club of Ascalon (take hypnotism to a level where Venus will let you in without any problems). You will find Venus' house east of the Ascalon Club.

16 - The Skals: the threat of Ichor
You'll find it on a dead body behind the theatre in Whitechapel (where you'll go to look for Doris).


17 - Vampire species: the violence of Vulkods
You get it automatically by defeating boss Leon Augustin.

18 - The Great Hunt: The Crime of Lost Knowledge
In the room where the Usher is located, under Dawson's villa (the area just after the exit from the sewers, after the fight against the boss Leon Augustin).

19 - The legendary vampire: the vampire knight
In the basement of the theatre, during the second visit.


20 - Priven's guard: mock the guards
Go back to Southwark and kill a beast in one of the foundry buildings, you'll get a key to the foundry. Use it in the second building to find the collectible in the second.

21 - The need for blood: vampires feed on our souls!
Inside Mason's house. Just west of the cemetery.

22 - The legendary vampire: the heresy of the goddess of blood
In the secret hiding place in Whitechapel, in the cemetery. You must enter through the sewer entrance to the south.

23 - The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul: Origin of the Brotherhood
Unlocked after completing Usher's secondary mission (to unlock this item you MUST NOT read the diary inside the safe).

24 - The Skals: Rodent extermination
On a body in the nearby sewer at the most easterly hiding place near the cemetery.

25 - Weaknesses of vampires: holy symbols and oricals
In the northeast part of the cemetery. Teleport over the little overhang with the body.

26 - The history of Ascalon: factions of vampires and Skals
You can buy it at Martin Nightingale in the Docks district.

27 - The origins of Vampires: Fertile is the belly of the beast!
It is located in the hiding place south of the hospital. Go south and look up and you will find the Mortimers' house, the key to get in is in the possession of the guy in the hospital with his mother.

28 - The history of Ascalon: Vampire Club
Open the map and start with the letter H from the hospital to the little blue circle. There's a hideout hidden there with the collectible.

29 - The Great Hunt: Hail to our fallen comrades!
In a Priven's guard outpost in Whitechapel. Thelma's secondary mission to the hospital will take you there.

30 - The legendary vampire: the myth of the horned vampire
On the way to Harriet in the sewers, in a straw box (you can enter the sewers from behind the Ascalon Club).

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