Valkyria Revolution: Tips to Dominate the Battlefields

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With the release of the action RPG Valkyria Revolution , spinoff of the famous saga of Valkyria Chronicles, we have well thought to give you a guide and useful tips to better enjoy the title.

Try different team combinations

From the very beginning Valkyria Revolution , all playable characters will be available within the title.

Each character, as in all role-playing games, has strengths and weaknesses, so the player can balance the team at will.

For example, Blum is a great character for using attack and healing spells, while Amleth, captain of the Vanargand unit and protagonist of the title, plays the role of Tank of the team in an excellent way, allowing him to throw himself in the middle of groups of enemies and easily absorb damage.

Thanks to the huge variety of customizations and variations of the characters, in Valkyria Revolution you can test many different combinations to pull out the potential of your team.

Maybe you'd rather use a squadron of scouts and finish your battles quickly and lethally, or maybe the use of powerful attack spells to devastate the battlefield is for you: the only way to find out which combinations work best for you is to play.

Visit the Basil Factory regularly

One of the most important aspects of character customization depends heavily on Basil's Factory in Elsinore.

Here you can enhance the stats of your team members and improve their elemental affinities, allowing you to equip Ragnite more and more powerful.

Basil's Factory also has a Research and Development section that can provide you with new weapons to use in battle against the enemy.

To use the R & D system you'll need to spend kr (the world currency of Valkyria Revolution ) while to upgrade your characters you'll need to use Ragnite gems.
Fortunately, both kr and gems of Ragnite can be obtained in battle, making it easy and always constant evolution of the characters.

It is advisable to visit Basil's Factory after almost every fight to find out if new weapons have been unlocked and to regularly upgrade the characters.

Always stock up on items

With all the ways available to spend money on Vakyria Revolution, it's easy to find yourself with just a few coins to buy items.

However, it is important to remember to always be supplied, especially in the final stages of the game, as the items can make the difference between defeat and victory.

The degenerate Vanargard's headquarters in the city of Elsinore is just right for you: Inside it there is a quartermaster able to sell you items with simple functions, such as the recovery of Health or RP. Progressing within the title will unlock more and more powerful items and by controlling more sectors of the map you can lower the price.

During purchase, you'll be able to see how many items of all kinds you can bring into battle, so remember to have at least a minimum amount to get you out of dangerous situations.

Take advantage of the Free Missions

Although the History Missions are the center of Valkyria Revolution , it is advisable to also take part in the available Free Missions.

Although the objectives of these types of missions are easy, such as fighting an enemy or capturing a base, the rewards are worth the time spent.

With the Free Missions you'll be able to take control of different sectors of the map and, as if that weren't enough, you'll also be rewarded in kr and Ragnite gems with which you'll upgrade your characters.

Taking part in these missions, between one arc of history and another, is very useful to regularly upgrade your parts before launching into difficult missions or clashes against dangerous Bosses.

Always check your notebook and history book

Very similar to Valkyria Chronicles, it Valkyria Revolution presents the plot of the title through a History Book read by two futuristic characters in an attempt to connect all events in a logical way.

With this presentation you can immediately feel the length of the plot but, fortunately for us, the title rewards the patience of the most loyal players.

By reading and understanding the Storybook, you'll unlock new cutscenes about the events that took place in the game world and, in addition, new information will be provided to better understand the climate in the world of Valkyria Revolution .

If the History Book has the comkpit to tell the story of the title, the notebook instead will show more comic situations regarding the game characters. As if that weren't enough, the latter will be very useful for your characters, in order to unlock latent powers.

We hope that this brief advice will be useful in enjoying the title.

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