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    Valheim: 5 Ways To Easily Move A Lot Of Loot | Cart stuff, bigger boat inventory and more

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    Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to improve your carrying capacity. We're going to go over all the best ways to haul trash in Valheim, whether that's using a nifty trick to improve your boat inventory locations or making it easier to get around with carts. With some Viking ingenuity, you can finally bring all that ore back to your home base.

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    The portal is a great way to quickly travel between bases and complete difficult challenges, but you cannot transport valuable materials like ore through portals. You'll have to lug around this stuff the hard way.

    There are easier ways to transport things. To improve your carrying capacity and item storage, you will need these simple tips.

    # 1: Buy the Megingjord from the merchant

    Le Megingjord is a special accessory available from Haldor the Trader. This incredibly useful trinket costs 950 parts, and increases your maximum transport weight by +150. So you will have a maximum transport weight of 450 with this item equipped. It changes life.

    Haldor the Trader is located in the Black Forest Biome, and appears randomly in your seed. If you walk less than 2 km from its location, an icon will appear on your map indicating its location. So try to spread out your search area and cover any large black areas where it might be.

    # 2: build roads for the carts

    Carts are the best way to easily transport many materials. Bringing a cart with you to the field gives you +18 inventory slotsand the carts have no weight limit. Carts follow the laws of physics and rolling them around in the environment will eventually destroy them.

    To facilitate movement with trolleys, use a hoe to level the ground and create roads while sliding the cart behind you. Simply draw routes starting from your base, then you can follow those routes back home. A level path greatly facilitates movement with a cart.

    # 3: don't put too much in a basket

    Here's something the game doesn't really explain. While carts have seemingly infinite carrying weight, they get much harder to drag the more weight you stack. To make traveling with a cart easier, try to fill them only halfway. Using a hoe to build roads will help a lot to transport the wagons, but it doesn't help if you are barely able to move the wagon.

    There is only one exception where you are free to fully load your cart with as much weight as you want. And this is our next entry.

    # 4: get a karve and roll your basket

    Le Karve is the first upgrade to your shabby raft. You will be able to craft it once you collect the wooden pickaxe after defeating boss Eikthyr in the meadows and chopping down a birch to acquire valuable wood. The Karve has 4 inventory slots, but it's barely enough to carry all the loot you'll find in distant biomes.

    Build a boathouse or dock, and you can easily roll your cart directly on the Karve platform. You now get 18 additional inventory slots and the handling of the Karve does not change no matter how much weight you put in the basket. It's an ingenious solution to transporting much more cargo across the sea. You effectively save yourself x4 trips with just one change.

    # 5: Bypass portals with separate world seeds

    There is one last trick you can use to bypass portals completely: just do a second. separate world map using the exact same character. This method sounds complicated, but it's actually quite simple. It is also very possible that this method will be fixed, as it is essentially an exploit. But since this is a solo feat, it doesn't really hurt anyone.

    • Collect metal ore / metals and keep them in your inventory. Go to the nearest portals - you can't go through the portal and transport these materials, so we're going to use a trick to move them.
    • Log out and generate a second world using your same character. They will load into a new map with the same inventory, which includes all the metal you were wearing.
    • Build a chest and place all the metal in the container in the second world.
    • Switch to your home world and navigate through the portal. Now you can because you are not holding metal.
    • Back to your home! Now log out and move on to your second world.
    • Collect all the metal in your inventory in the second world, then log out and return to the original world.

    Here is! You have just transported metal ore through the portal. It's a boring process, but it's much faster than coming home or trying to beat the high winds. Basically, you get around the portal using a second world to store your metals and collecting them after going through the portal. Everything in your inventory stays when you jump between worlds.

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