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Vagrant Story it's a Japanese role-playing video game developed in 2000 by the software house Squaresoft (today Square Enix) for Sony PlayStation.

Made available in years more recent also for Sony PS3, Vagrant Story was largely developed by the same creator team as Final Fantasy Tactics: the writer, producer and director of the game is Yasumi Matsuno. This exciting videogame is placed within the imaginary world of Ivalice, more precisely in the kingdom of Valendia and in the ruins of the city of Leà Monde.
The protagonist of Vagrant Story is Ashley Riot, a chosen agent who is a member of the Riskbreakers. Ashley was sent to Leà Monde to investigate the possible connection between the leader of a secret cult and a notable member of Parliament of Valendia, the Duke Bardorba. The Riskbreakers are the Duke's own guardhouse.

Ashely is unjustly accused of the Duke's murder and the game focuses on the events that took place roughly a week before the murder. The Vagrant Story gameplay makes it almost one of a kind: there are no shops, no interactions with other non-player characters. Instead, it is necessary to create and customize the equipment of the party members, but also to solve puzzles of various kinds.


Complete the game, then load the saved game. This will give you the option to access the “New Game +” option. This mode allows you to use your old level and previously owned weapons.

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