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The Until Dawn Trophy Guide

Until Dawn is a narrative-driven game with a horror, survival and interactive drama theme. As such, the dynamic is based on the fact that your own decisions will lead you to a specific end: you are in charge of the story. The best thing is that you play freely and deciding as you like, because once you finish the game you will have the possibility to repeat chapters and continue from there to get new trophies. This will allow you to enjoy the essence of the game without giving up to get all the achievements it proposes.

How to get the trophies in Until Dawn

In a first complete game you will be able to get most of the trophies by playing as you like. The most important strategy will be to try not to hurt the animals and make sure that none of the characters die. Then you will have time to repeat chapters and get other trophies, although it can be a bit tedious and the most practical is that you read the guide to know what to look for specifically.

The trophies you will get are the following:

Leave it in

To get this trophy, you must not let Emily keep the flare gun in Episode 6. You have the option of not picking it up or giving it to Matt if it's there. This achievement is obtained by exorcising Emily. To do this, you'll have to be bitten by the Wendigo earlier in Episode 8. Afterwards, when you control Mike in the basement, don't shoot Emily.

The tale of the two sisters

This trophy is obtained when the group gets all the clues from the twins.

The fateful descent

Awarded when the group finds all the clues to the 1952 tragedy.

You have opened your eyes

This trophy is awarded when you find all the clues to the Mystery Man.

The red on four lips

Sam, Jessica, Emily and Ashley must survive Until Dawn to get this trophy.

They're AliveYou can get

this trophy by having all the main characters survive Until Dawn. The only way to do this is to make the right decisions, especially from Episode 4 onwards.

Party till the end?

For this trophy you have to achieve the complete opposite: that no one survives in the game. This is quite simple, as the tricky part is to get everyone out of the game unscathed.

The skilled werewolfTo get

this trophy the Wolf has to survive Until Dawn. To do this in Episode 5, Mike can't hit the wolf and must give him a bone to befriend him.
Later in Episode 9, Mike returns to the Asylum and is reunited with the wolf. Here you can't miss any QTE because the wolf will sacrifice himself for Mike. When you have the chance choose Lock the door, at the end of the episode and the trophy will be yours.

The Quick Wicker Man

Josh, Mike, Chris and Matt have to survive to get this trophy, you can probably get it together with the They're Alive trophy.

Scream with DesireThis trophy

can be obtained in Episode 5, when you control Mike in the asylum, go through the bear trap and say Amputate Fingers.

The Killing CurseTo get

this trophy in Episode 6, in Chris and Ashley's trap, you'll have to shoot Ashley.

What are you letting him in for?

In Episode 9, playing as Ashley (or Chris depending on what you decide) you will have to investigate the voice and open the trap door. You will then get this trophy.

Road to Psychosis

You can get this trophy in two ways. First, in Episode 2, with Sam you will have to interact with Josh's Baseball Bat so you can use it against the psycho when he chases us in Episode 5.
Also obtainable in Episode 6 when you control Ashley, you will have to collect the scissors found in the basement and use them against the psychopath later in the chapter.

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