Until Dawn - Trophies Guide, How to Get Them

The complete solution guide to unlock all trophies and take platinum in the exclusive PS4 Until Dawn . Compared to other games, this title features only 18 trophies + the Platinum trophy.


The Trophy Horror Show
Get all the Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies.
by Until Dawn .


Deathly grudge
Chris chose to shoot Ashley. Shoot Ashley at the end of chapter six.

Emily's exorcism

Mike shot Emily. Shoot Emily at the end of Chapter 8.

Ashley's upset

Ashley took it and let Chris die. Have Ashley lock Chris out of the cabin in Chapter 8.

You let the wrong one in!
Ashley or Chris opened the hatch, let the monster in. Much more practical with Ashley in Chapter 9.

Let eM In
Mike let Emily stay in the basement. Do NOT shoot Emily at the end of Chapter 8.

The wolf and the man
Mike kept the wolf alive throughout the sanitarium. In Chapter 5 you will find a wolf with MIKE in the sanatorium. Don't hit the wolf but come closer and caress him, several times. Then go to the end of the area and open the trunk on the altar to take a BONE to give to the wolf. Say hello to the animal and continue. Keep Mike alive until Chapter 9 when he returns to the SANATORY. After taking the GUN, shoot the lock to meet your wolf friend again. Continue to the SANATORY and pass all the QTEs by shooting the monsters and, whenever you can, the PROPER BOMBS. Continue to the top of the stairs and turn left at the fork. Go on shooting down every enemy and passing all the QTEs. In the room at the end on the left enter and choose to BARRICARY, in this way the wolf will have time to escape while Mike goes down inside the hole in the floor.

Scream louder
Mike cut off his fingers to get out of the bear trap. In Chapter 5, go down to the OBYARD and interact with the MECHANICAL HAND. Once in the trap, choose to use the MACHETE to cut off your FINGERS.

The psychopath
Sam or Ashley attacked the psycho with a weapon. Much more practical with Ashley in Chapter 6.


Faster than death
All the boys survived until dawn.

Death didn't run to Jessica.
Jessica survived her night of terror.

The four daughters of darkness

All the girls survived until dawn.

They live
All eight friends survived until dawn.

Let's get it over with
No one survived until dawn.

Instant Hell
To burn the cabin, Sam flipped the switch.
at the first opportunity.


The totem hunter
The group found all the totems on the mountain.

Story of two sisters
The group found all the clues to the trail
of the twin sisters.

Fatal descent
The group found all the clues from the trail
in the year 1952.

The new truths
The group found all the clues to the trail
of the mystery man.

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