Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Trophy Guide

Uncharted The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure game, it is a standalone expansion to the Uncharted video game series. Getting all the trophies in this game is possible and below we show you how to do it.

How to get Uncharted The Lost Legacy Trophies

If you want to do this game fast and get as many trophies as possible in a first playthrough, it's best to choose the Crushing difficulty. This will allow you to get almost all of them.

This difficulty level is what will make you go for the Warrior's Path trophy, for which you won't be able to shoot or throw grenades during the first 4 episodes. The encounters in Chapter 4, specifically the Trident Fort, can be difficult to finish on the Crushing setting if you're also going to try to get the Discreet as a Mouse trophy.

In the meantime, you'll also have to get the following collectibles which are cumulative except for the souvenirs:

21 Safes

68 treasures

11 souvenirs

28 photos

17 optional conversations

use 24 different weapons

Even if you successfully progress in a quick game on Hard difficulty , you won't be able to complete the treasures or the souvenirs. That's because there are areas where you'll have to throw grenades to gain access. The solution is to do it in the replay of chapters 3 and 4 to complete the 11 souvenirs that are not cumulative. Once you get them all you will also get the trophy:

You're out, queen!

To get this trophy you will have to find all 11 souvenirs, it's important because some collectibles can't be obtained until you have all 11 souvenirs. Before going to chapter 5 you must get this trophy, so you can access the rest of the collectibles without any problems.

When you find your 11th Hoysala token, you will need to place it on the wall where you found your first token to get the Queen's Ruby Bracelet.

How to get the rest of the trophies in Uncharted The Lost Legacy

If you have already completed one game on Crushing getting all the collectibles including the souvenirs the second game you must play it on Explorer from the beginning until you start chapter 5, this way you will get the next trophy:

The Way of the Warrior

To get this trophy you can try it in your first game on Crushing difficulty although it is not certain that you will get it. After that you have the option to replay all 4 chapters on Explorer difficulty, as long as you manage to reach chapter 5 without firing any bullets, grenades or other items other than stealth death or escape directly you will get the trophy.

There are some tricks to get it like going around creating several manual saves, dying and resetting checkpoints, avoid picking up or aiming a weapon, avoid picking up grenades and use only melee and stealth, kills with the 4x4 help. You should also avoid touching propane tanks and Nadine can kill enemies with gunfire. The trophy will be unlocked when the chapter 5 text appears on the screen.

Top collectible trophies in Uncharted The Lost Legacy

These are collectible trophies that you are going to get throughout the game:

Hobby Hunter.

To get this you will need to find 5 treasures.

Hunter by Profession

This will be unlocked when you obtain 35 treasures.

Antique Collector

In this case you will have to find all the treasures in the game, i.e. a total of 68. It is possible to get them by playing a game on Crushing.

The rest of the trophies in Uncharted The Lost Legacy

During the game you are going to get the following trophies:

Don't Load the Moment.

It is obtained by getting all the trophies.

Legacy Found!

Awarded for completing the entire game

Progress Requires Sacrifices

This trophy is obtained by finishing the game on Crushing difficulty. In this mode you will find some different features such as the marking of enemies will be disabled and they will have higher health, the health regeneration speed will be slower and you will be detected faster.

Luck smiles on you

To get this trophy you must ask a question to the Pythian Skull.

Avenir for nothing is silly

When you get the Hoysala souvenir you will get this trophy.

On the face

For this trophy open 5 safes.

Forced, but efficient

This trophy will be unlocked when you open all safes.


You must take a photo in all 5 photo opportunities to get it.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

You will have to use every firearm in the game to get this trophy.

Were you keeping score?

This trophy is going to be obtained when you kill the enemy with the last bullet of the gun in your hand.

Frazer, Chloe Frazer

Defeat 5 enemies in a row without being detected to get this trophy, use the silenced pistol to do so.

Easy Trigger

Defeat 20 enemies while shooting without aiming.

Stay and Pray

Defeat 20 enemies while firing without aiming at cover for this trophy.

Hats Off

Take down 10 armored enemies with stealth attacks for this trophy, you must first remove their helmet without being detected.

Royal Demolisher

For this trophy you must defeat 20 enemies with C4.

I'm watching you

Tag 30 enemies to get it.

You haven't seen anything

To get this trophy you will have to open a safe with enemies around.

With "C" for "catapum".

You will have to defeat 4 enemies with a single C4 detonation to get it.

Now you see me...

If you manage to successfully exit stealth and re-enter stealth you will unlock this trophy.


Perform 10 takedowns with a partner to get this trophy.

The Sampler

To get this trophy you will need to defeat 5 enemies by dealing melee, one-handed weapon and long weapon damage to all of them.


You will have to defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in just 20 seconds for this trophy.

Lend Me a Hand

You must use all the zip lines to cross the city to get this trophy.

Your Reward

See the view from the top of the Hoysala Empire. To do this you must climb to the top of the central tower in Chapter 4 and you'll get the trophy.

Best Guild Driver

In this case you will have to drive from the Ganesh engraving to the top of the Trident Fort waterfall and back in less than 3 minutes.

Fair Play

You must clear all 3 trials in Axe Fort without resetting any boards to get this trophy. This will happen in Chapter 4.

Discreet as a Mouse

You will have to enter the Trident fort and get to the gate without being seen to get this trophy, also in chapter 4.


Collapse 5 times in a row with the hook without touching the ground to get it.

What about my stunt double?

To get this trophy you will have to stay in the air with the vehicle for a total of 30 seconds.

Shadow Theater

Solve the Shadow Puzzle in a maximum of 10 moves to earn this trophy.

Magic Fingers

You will have to open a lock with 3 locks in less than 15 seconds to get this trophy.

Bomb Jump!

To get this trophy you must make an impressive jump from the cliff near the old train tracks. You can do it during chapter 8.

Combat Races

Ram 10 motorcycles in chapter 9 and you will get this trophy.

Reckless Driving

You must take over 6 vehicles by jumping on them and kicking out the driver, can also be done in chapter 9.

Here, take it!

In Chapter 9 you must destroy a vehicle using an explosive to get this trophy.

Don't get caught

Drive your car through the Western Ghats. To do this, in chapter 4 you will have to climb to the top of the dam, get enough speed with the car and jump off. You'll get the trophy even if you die on the spot.

Must have been the wind

You have to take down 15 enemies in a row with stealth to get it.

Triumphal Entry

In 20 seconds, defeat several enemies with the vehicle, long weapons, melee and grenade in that order and you will have unlocked it.

Heavy Artillery

Defeat 30 enemies with gold weapons.


To get this trophy you must place several C4 charges on the transport at once and destroy it with a large detonation.

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