Uncharted 4 - Trophies Guide, Get All of Them

Nathan Drake's latest adventure will drag you around the world to stock up on trophies. After watching the Treasure Guide and the easter egg together to play Crash Bandicoot, don't forget to bring our trophy guide with you Uncharted 4 to find out how to easily unlock the platinum trophy.

Last time - Get all trophies.

Ludonarrative Dissonance - Eliminate 1,000 enemies

Completed! - Speedrun - Complete the game in 6 hours or less.

Here are some tips to finish Uncharted 4 in less than 6 hours:

-Salt all the footage you can, because it counts as game time. Time stops only in the pause menu and during loadings.
-You're playing at a low level of difficulty.
-Enable automatic aiming in the options.
-Enable the FINISHED MUNICES trick and equip the Revolver Barok.44, a lethal weapon that kills enemies in one blow. Find everything available after you finish the game at least once.
-Remember that you don't need to kill all your enemies but only those who block your way to continue.

Completed! - Devastating - Complete the game at Devastating level.

Treasure expert - Find all treasures.

- Eliminate 100 enemies in a row without dying in combat. The best time to do so is in the party chapter (Chapter 7 Part 3). On that occasion, if you don't go ahead and reach the end of the driveway, the enemies will continue to arrive endlessly giving you the chance to easily get this trophy.

The Ghost of the Cemetery - Overcome the clash in the Scottish cemetery without eliminating enemies and without being detected. There are a number of precise ways and steps to get past the cemetery without being noticed. Follow the video to become real ghosts.

Full Service - Eliminate a series of enemies with a sneak attack, melee attack, head shot and explosives, in that order, in 15 seconds. The best time to get it is in Chapter 10:

Loose Talk - Listen to all optional conversations in the game.

Swordsman - Para all Rafe's attacks in the final fencing duel without getting hurt. In Chapter 22, you'll need some practice but you'll get it easily:

Completed! - Explorer - Complete the game on the Explorer level.

Complete! - Easy - Complete the game at the Easy level.

Completed! - Medium - Complete the game at Medium level.

Completed! - Difficult - Complete the game at Difficult level.

First Treasure - Find a treasure.

Treasure Hunter - Find 50 treasures.

Relics discoverer - Find the strange relics. These 3 relics recall the old Naughty Dog games, like Jak and Daxter's Precursor eggs! Here's where to find the relics of Uncharted 4 :

Now I'll write it down - Get a diary note.

The Art of Keeping a Diary - Get all the notes in the diary.

Documentator - Find a diary document.

Lost Story - Find all the diary documents.

Head to Head - Eliminate 20 enemies with headshots.

Head Hunter - Eliminate 50 enemies with headshots.

Acrobat Gunslinger - Take 20 shots to the head from a rope. A trophy that you can easily obtain in Chapter 10:

Discretion first - Make 5 furtive eliminations.

Shhh, now go to sleep - make 30 sneaky deletions. See the previous trophy I thought I heard something.

I thought I heard something - Make 30 sneaky deletions from above. In Chapter 8 just eliminate the enemies in the spot shown on the video, reload the game and repeat.

Run and Shoot - Eliminate 50 enemies by shooting from the waist or blindly. Do not aim when shooting. The shotgun and shotgun are great weapons to complete this trophy.

Stake to Stake - Defeat 10 enemies in a row using both weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Sharpshooter - Complete the game with a shooting accuracy of 70% or higher. It may seem complex but in reality it is very simple, you will need to not miss the target. Shoot only when you have to and otherwise eliminate enemies with your bare hands. Use weapons that shoot down enemies in a single shot and hit them without missing the target.

Deadly Roulette - Eliminate a series of enemies with pistol, machine gun, and grenades, in that order, in 15 seconds.

Butter Hands - Lead 10 enemies to drop their grenades.

The Big Boom - Eliminate 4 enemies with a single blast (all weapons and explosive items are allowed).

10 in 60 - LG China Lake - Eliminate 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the China Lake grenade launcher. In Chapter 10, from the roof shown in the video:

Hang on! - Destroy 10 vehicles dragged by the rope.

Iron Fist - Eliminate 5 armoured enemies using only melee attacks. The best time to get this trophy is during Chapter 10:

Peaceful Solution - After the shipwreck, do not eliminate anyone until the treasure depot. A trophy along two chapters (13-14), in the video the procedure to figure out how to do it:

Right Arm - Eliminate 10 enemies along with a companion. The best way to get this trophy is in the laundry room in Chapter 2.

On the edge of the precipice - Throw 20 enemies from hanging on a ledge into the void.

Don't feed the animals - Play with the lemur at the market and let him steal your apple. Just interact with the little lemur at the market.

Every left is lost - Use every weapon in the game.

Uncumulative - Take down all the cairns in Madagascar. The Cairn are small piles of rocks found scattered in the moors of Madagascar. To knock them down, all you need to do is hit them with a car or a punch. There are 16 in total, that's where to find them:

You can see my house from here! - Climb to the top of the city clock tower.

Passed Test - Pass the first test in Scotland with 10 moves or less. The puzzle changes from player to player. However, the process is very simple and you will pass it without problems. Otherwise just reload the game before you finish and the puzzle and try again.

Record! - Breaks the record in the back game. Watch our article on Crash Bandicoot's Easter Egg to find out where to unlock it!

The return of Marco Polo - Play in the ocean next to the sunken ship. The ship in question is hidden in Chapter 12. Here is how to find it:

The beauty of live - Just before the city chase, stay perfectly still for 30 seconds (Easter Egg E3). It refers to when, during the game presentation at E3 there was a technical problem and they couldn't move the character for 30 seconds.

Floor it! - Escape off-road with Elena without hitting enemies. In Chapter 17, here's how to do it:

Curious Dolphins - Have 3 dolphins follow the boat. A trophy that will make you follow the hatred of Dolphins but not impossible to get. You will basically have to go from one location to another with the dolphins, wait motionlessly with the boat a few seconds for Sally to indicate that there is a dolphin and then leave for the next location. When you get to the third location you should get the trophy. Often the dolphins get lost or Sally doesn't notice them, which is why it is a bit complicated to get.

I didn't lose my hand! - Hit all the targets in the attic with the toy gun. In Chapter 4, when Nate is playing with the pellet gun in the attic, if you look on the ceiling you will notice round targets depicting enemies (including Lazarevich Boss from Uncharted 2). If you hit all the targets you will get the trophy.

Glamour Photographer - Take a picture of Sully. In chapter 11, when Nate uses his mobile phone on the Founding Pirates' device, turn to Sully and take a picture of him.

Continue the adventure - Complete the introduction to the multiplayer mode of Uncharted.

Enter the game - Complete 5 games in multiplayer mode.

Fire Test - Complete all tests at medium difficulty level in multiplayer mode.

Friends Forever - Deploy 10 partners in multiplayer mode.

- Reanimate 10 allies in multiplayer mode.

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