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Here come the tricks for Tower Conquest is an interesting mobile game where users compete in exciting card battles. The title, available on iOS and Android, is quite immediate but there are some tricks that not everyone knows that will change your experience with the game. In this article, you'll also find some basic tips useful for newcomers, some suggestions that will allow you to acclimatize better. Ready? Let's get started!

Tips for Free Cards

Every day users have the opportunity to get a free card from the market. By sending a team to complete random missions, moreover, you will easily get interesting rewards in a few hours: we are talking about three free cards (6 after level twenty). To conclude, we invite you to pay attention to the battlefield... Often cards appear to be collected for a short period of time!

The right level

The level of a unit cannot exceed your level. Before you tackle a game, so make sure you have all your units at maximum, and if you really need to do some tests to see how certain cards behave, take advantage of missions already completed. Don't waste money on units you won't use!

The perfect team

The perfect team does not exist, of course, but there are a few tricks to keep in mind at all times. In your team there must always be at least one tank to take damage, you must have at least one hero to close when needed and a unit with great speed. For the rest of the team feel free to experiment and proceed to the best of your abilities, you will soon find the perfect formula for you.

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