Tricks Pokémon Go: How to Trick the GPS, Avoid Walking

Tricks Pokemon Go : how to avoid walking and trick the GPS - Often you can not get out, walk, and thus be able to play Pokemon Go.  TRICKS That then let's face it: most of us walk to get those damn eggs to hatch. A youtube user has found some ingenious and working tricks to avoid walking and still accumulate the necessary kilometers to hatch their eggs. How to do it? It's very simple: do you have an old turntable, a bicycle, the blades of a fan or something similar? If the answer is yes the game is done: starting from the assumption that if the mobile phone is rotated the app via GPS calculates the rotation as steps taken, we could spend the day turning on ourselves and accumulate kilometers traveled, slowly. Or we can take advantage of something that rotates for us, and here it is then the paddlewheel fan, a turntable or the bike. Want to see how in detail?
Here is the video that shows you exactly how to do it. Brilliant, isn't it?

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