Tricks Pokémon Go : Guide to Gyms And Battles

Tricks Pokémon Go : guide to gyms and battles - Pokémon Go available for iOS and Android is the game that all fans of Pokemon (and not only were waiting for). The mobile game developed by Niantic allows you to capture Pokemon in reality using maps and augmented reality! In Pokémon Go In addition to capturing Pokémon, you'll also have to challenge to conquer the Pokémon gyms scattered throughout the various environments. Pokemon Go Tricks

To face a gym in Pokémon Go it will be essential to have reached level 5 with your character. Before this step you will not have access to any gym. The gyms of Pokémon Go are marked on the map in grey and only when you are in the vicinity can you interact with them.

Before entering the gym, in Pokémon Go you'll have to choose which team you belong to. There Pokémon Go are three different types of teams: Instinct, Wisdom and Strength, characterized by the symbols of Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres. Once you have made this choice you can face the gyms of Pokémon Go . If a gym Pokémon Go is already occupied, you will have to face the head of the gym. Here is how to face a gym in Pokémon Go .

To challenge the gym manager of Pokémon Go You'll need to avoid attacks from his Pokémon (or more Pokémon if there are also Pokémon from the foreman's friends) by using your finger and sliding to the left or right. This way, you can avoid attacks from the Pokémon and then go on the counterattack. By attacking your opponent's Pokémon, you can drop the Pokémon's experience points and then defeat it. That way, you'll be able to clear the gym of your rival gym manager.

The successful step is to reclaim the gym. If in Pokémon Go you will encounter an empty gym, you can claim it leaving us a Pokémon that will no longer be available with us in your adventures until it is defeated. By placing a Pokémon in a gym, you'll occupy that gym that can be used by your friends Pokémon Go to train their Pokémon.

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