Tricks Inazuma Eleven: How To Win Easy

The title Inazuma Eleven makes its first buy in the now distant past and since then the ranks of fans of the RPG football title have grown out of all proportion to become a real must-have on the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

In this post we see together how to become real champions at Inazuma Eleven through the application of some game techniques that will make you advance very easily.

  • Supreme Strike Technique: to be used against the Diamond Dast. With this technique you can raise the ball above your player who will sprout wings. In this way it will be very easy to beat Gazele's team thanks to Byron who will use this technique to score the first goal of the match.
  • Atomic Harmony Technique: this technique is also visible in some of the films dedicated to the title Inazuma Eleven. Thanks to this "special move" Riccardo will score the victory goal against the Milky Way college.
  • Black Star Technique: To be used against the Mirage Institute. It's Lucian's technique that, once activated, will spin the ball until it creates a purple vortex around it. Once the vortex has popped up, you can pull the ball which will take on supersonic speed. Excellent technique against the Mirage Institute, precisely, where Lucian will score the second goal.
  • Aquatic Block technique: only usable in some games and very useful against Erik and Susette of Ramion. It consists in trying to catch the ball to your opponent with a somersault. If you succeed one player will jump on top of another by stealing the ball and stopping the two Ramion's champions.
  • Volcanic Lightning technique: to be used against Magmavia Eleven to score with Bala (second goal). This technique will make you invincible against the deadly defence of Jean-Pierre and Frank.

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