Tricks Gangstar New Orleans

Tricks Gangstar New Orleans - GTA fans orphaned by raids on IOS and Android join in: Gansta New Orleans is the game that was missing in this panorama and allows you to tackle dozens of missions in the city of New Orleans dressing up as a gangster to make the city the capital of crime. The game takes place online and also allows you to face gang wars for the conquest of territory! Also interesting is the crafting system that allows you to combine, create and modify weapons to get hundreds of different ones.

  • Tricks Gangstar New Orleans - Easy Money

The trick to getting easy money in Gangsta New Orleans is not unique, there are currently no codes that you just need to enter to get money. However, you can optimize your playing time and make money very quickly with this method that is explained by a youtuber in the video below.

Basically it's about completing the goal "Steal 50 vehicles". Go to the street, take control of a car, put it sideways and block traffic. You'll soon create a queue of cars that can't get through. Now quickly get into the cars and throw the driver out of your car. In a few minutes you will be able to "steal" (simply by getting in, making the driver run away and then getting out) 50 cars. This is also an achivement, so one of the objectives of the game and as a reward you will get 10.0K.

  • Wanted, level 5 and how to survive it !

Are you raiding so much that you'll get to the famous wanted level 5? Don't you know how to get out of the way now so that I can return to the eyes of the police a respectable model citizen? No problem, we have found for you the video below that shows you the two steps of this procedure: first of all how to quickly become a level 5 wanted man. Reaching the highest level of wanted person may not be as easy as it seems! It may take longer and some mischief more than expected. In the video, the player combines all of them, and New Orleans is literally devastated by his passing. Once you've reached level 5 you move on to the next stage: cleaning up the notoriety, making the wanted stars go down to zero. With a heavy vehicle that can break through and block places you run as far away from your pursuers as possible: the secret is to sow the seeds of whoever is in front of you! All in the following video:

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