Tricks for Hustle Castle to Get All the Medals

Defend Your Castle is a typical tower defense made for iOS devices. It is available on the App Store at the price of 2.99 euros and today we want to talk about medals.

Within the game there are dozens of medals, we will show you how to get them all.

The clay giant: Defeat 1,250 invaders Colossus.
3 catapults, 1 Eraser: Delete 3 catapults with a spell.
Abra Cadabera: He trains 250 wizards.
Ambidestrism: Keep 5 invaders in the air at the same time.
Archers are the answer: Fully upgrade your archery.
Organized awl: Train 250 craftsmen.
Big Blingin': Earn 1,000,000 points.
Keep the sun out. Train 1,000 archers.
Blue Bomber, away: Send 25 demolition experts.
Building a better tomorrow: Train 1,000 craftsmen.
Build it bigger: Reach 2,000 maximum castle health.
Busting Caps: Defeat 25 invaders by blowing them up.
Can we solve the problem?: Train 50 craftsmen.
Castle Defender: Complete round 50 in normal mode.
Castle Maniac: Play for about 300 minutes in total.
Cat-a-lystic!: Defeat 500 catapult invaders.
Catastrophic!: Defeat 10 catapult invaders.
Cat-a-tonic!: Defeat 100 catapult invaders.
Cha-Ching: Earn 100,000 points.
Close Call: Finish a round with the health of the castle less than 10%.
Colossal Fortification: Reach 10,000 maximum castle health.
Craftsmen for victory: Fully upgrade the stonemason's shop.
Death from heaven: Train 250 archers.
I have the power of demolition: Fully upgrade the demolition lab.
Do it yourself: Play up to 15 rounds without forming any units.
Get In Mah Bucket: Convert 100 units.
Block him: Play for 10 minutes in total.
They're going to need a lot of glue. Defeat 1,250 exploding invaders.
Defender Hardcore: Complete 50 rounds in Heroic mode.
Hocus Pocus: Train 50 wizards.
Love the Paint Jar: Completely update the Conversion Pit.
I want to live!: Allow a blue demolition expert to walk off the screen.
I want to paint Blue: Convert 500 units.
Invincibility: Complete 20 rounds or more without damage.
That's all you got? Poison and capture invaders five times.
It's raining Arrows: Train 50 archers.
Ka-Blooee!: Defeat 250 invaders by blowing them up.
Klaatu Barada Nikto: Train 1,000 wizards.
Let the Bodies fall on the floor: Defeat 100 invaders on the plain.
Wizards are too Roxxor: Completely upgrade the tower of magical arts.
Magic Master: Use at least 20 spells in one round.
Master of Disaster: Destroy 5 Colossus invaders in one explosion.
Monstrous Castle: Reach 100,000 maximum castle health.
Moolah: Earn 10,000 points.
Pay your debts: View all game credits.
Puppeteer: Convert 2,000 units.
Rammer Time - Can't Ram This: Defeat 50 rammer invaders.
Seriously, they won't give up. Defeat 5,000 invaders on the plain.
Set Them Up The Bomb: Send 500 demolition experts.
Sharp Shooter: Intercept a Catapult bullet.
Should Nave Used a Nail File: Defeat 500 rammer invaders.
Stick of Torture: Hold an invader in the air for 20 seconds.
Take That Stick and Shove It: Defeat 2,500 rammer invaders.
The Big Bang: Send 10 demonstration experts within 5 seconds.
The bigger they are: Defeat 250 invaders Colossi.
They keep coming. Defeat 1,000 invaders on the plain.
Completely dependent: Play for 30 minutes in total.
Tick tick Boom: Send in 125 demolition experts.
Time to Relax: Finish a game without killing an invader by throwing it.
Was that a cork?: Defeat 25 invaders Colossi.

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